The Ultimate Sandbox for Social Media Planning

When you’re pumping out tons of content across multiple social media channels, chances are that a number of different people are involved in the process from ideation and creation all the way to publication.

With that in mind, here at HeyOrca we provide you with a few different options to plan out your social media posts both easily and efficiently for all your teams!


From the Timeline view, you can create posts by clicking on the HeyOrca - Social Media Planning 1button on the grey toolbar underneath the navigation bar, or by clicking the HeyOrca - Social Media Planning 2button which is found right in your timeline. This allows you to create a single post at a time which you can then edit and schedule to be published.


Timeline is great for creating ad-hoc posts and to complement your social media campaigns, but campaigns in HeyOrca allow you to plan weeks and months in advance! Campaigns allow you to build a framework for your social media content plan and keep your posts relevant and on-topic.

From the navigation bar, you can click ‘Campaigns’ and select ‘Create New’ from the drop down menu.When creating your new campaign you can add a title and notes as a description:

HeyOrca - Social Media Planning 3
After you’ve named your campaign and provided a description, you can decide on a template for building your campaign. Your options include:

Empty campaign: This option allows you to create the campaign from scratch by adding each post manually.

Copy existing: This option allows you to copy an existing campaign, but shift the starting dates and convert all the posts to empty posts.

Custom: This option allows you to select a start and end date for your campaign and then select the number of posts (and times) for each channel you are managing.

HeyOrca - Social Media Planning 4


Our social media calendar gives you a bird’s-eye view of your social media plan so that you can quickly and easily see what a given day, week, or month looks like.

Once you’ve created content that’s either independent or part of a campaign, it is visible and editable in your calendar view. Adding posts directly into your calendar is also possible!

HeyOrca - Social Media Planning 5
For more information on our awesome social media calendar and how it works – check out this article: The Social Media Calendar You Can Share

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