Analytics and Reporting

Close the social media loop with clients through actionable insights.

HeyOrca’s social media analytics make it easy to measure the impact of your work and make better strategic decisions for all your clients. With just a few clicks, you can easily respond to client inquiries about ROI and inspire confidence through the results of your hard work.

Take A Closer Look at HeyOrca’s Social Media Reporting

Engagement Breakdown

A graph that shows you how your engagement has fluctuated over the selected date range.

Top Ten Posts

A list of your top ten posts from the selected date range, ranked by total engagement.

Page Followers Growth Trend

A graph that highlights your follower increase during the selected date range.

One-Stop Shop For Analytics

No longer must you pull reports from each social media network – HeyOrca pulls in all the metrics that matter to you and your clients for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram in one easy-to-use reporting tool!

Reports That Show Impact

Choose the network and the date range, and HeyOrca will generate a visual report for you in an instant. Our graphs and charts will show you engagement, top posts, and follower trends, in an exportable PDF report.

Export Raw Data

To perform your own analysis or generate custom reports, you can export all collected data into a spreadsheet with reach, followers, and all your engagement metrics.

HeyOrca provides drafting, collaboration, publication, and analytics, for multiple clients – all in one place!