Streamline Planning With Our Social Media Editorial Calendar

Plan and view each client’s scheduled posts in your drag-and-drop social media editorial calendar, and easily see which posts have been approved at a glance. No more spreadsheets, confusing email threads, or endless mockups – your calendar centralizes the entire social media production process.

Editorial Calendar

Drag-and-drop Editorial Calendar

Our color-coded calendar allows you to easily view your scheduled posts for the month at a glance, and see whether or not they’ve been approved by your stakeholders. Want to publish your post at the same time on a different day? Simply drag it from one date to another!

Client-friendly View

Forget spreadsheets and screenshots. Share your entire calendar or specific posts for review with a custom link. When creating or reviewing a post, both you and your clients will view it rendered exactly as it will look when published on the social media network of your choice.

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Direct Publishing

Direct Publishing

Once your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts are approved, HeyOrca will publish them to the correct network and the scheduled time. You can also publish to Instagram by drafting your content through HeyOrca, and then pushing it out using our dedicated mobile app.

Timeline View

Prefer to see all of a day’s posts expanded in our client-friendly post view? Switch to timeline view and you can easily view, edit and reschedule all of a day’s posts for your clients.

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Direct Publishing

Image Editor

Need to make some last minute touchups to your images? Our built-in image editor allows you to easily crop or clean up your images. You can even add filters, special effects and stickers!

HeyOrca’s customer service is fantastic and they have solved a BIG problem many content marketers and agencies face. THANK YOU for making our lives (and our clients’ lives) much easier!!

Morgan Alverson – Content Strategist, Syrup

EventCurious said goodbye to Excel and hello to our social media editorial calendar

Spreadsheets offer little in the way of context. EventCurious found that when they sent their copy to clients in spreadsheets, often they wouldn’t even hear back. Copy in spreadsheets don’t give readers the full picture of a social media post, and result in lengthy email threads and disorganization.

Since adopting HeyOrca, the EventCurious team finds that their clients are much more engaged when reviewing content, and that their social media production time was cut in half. As a result, it made it much easier for them to scale their agency.

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Manage Social Media For Multiple Clients

HeyOrca was designed with agencies in mind, and makes managing social media for clients a snap. Each of your client accounts gets a dedicated calendar and asset library, and user roles and permissions make inviting users to review content a worry-free experience.
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Social Media Workflow and Client Approvals

Having a strong social media workflow will save you hours a week and makes scaling your agency easier. HeyOrca allows you to keep it simple by collaborating and publishing within the platform, and inviting in clients to review content with a shareable link.
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Social Media Analytics and Reporting

Why go into each social network individually to grab metrics when HeyOrca rounds up analytics for each of your clients’ social media accounts for you? HeyOrca provides easy to understand PDF reports and exportable data, available to all of our customers at no extra cost.

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A social media editorial calendar so simple yet powerful, you’ll have to try it to believe it.