Your clients will love HeyOrca

Make it simple for clients to be part of your creative process

Client approvals are often a major bottleneck for agencies. Clients leave reviews to the last minute and sometimes miss the publishing deadline. But can you blame them? Working with spreadsheets and email threads is no fun.

Use HeyOrca to make it easier for clients to work with your agency. Discover the link that’s worth a thousand spreadsheets.

Built-in client approvals

Select as many posts as you’d like your client to review and generate a short sharable link you can send to your client.

Instant visual previews

Clients can hover over a post and see exactly how it will look once it’s published.

No client account necessary

Clients don’t need to learn a new system or create another account. They just open the link and give you their feedback.

We have seen a decline in the hours it takes to draft and schedule social posts since HeyOrca does it all in one platform. Our clients love it too! We do great social media work, and now we have the tools to prove it.

Katie Beck

Director of PR and Digital Media, Style Advertising

Upgrade the way you interact with clients

Stand out from the pack with HeyOrca. While other agencies use general-purpose tools and ad-hoc processes, you can demonstrate you are at the forefront of your field by using HeyOrca to seamlessly manage all client communications.

Your clients will love how easy it is to leave feedback and preview exactly what each post will look like. There is no better way to present social content to clients, and gain approval or feedback.


Approval reminders

We send your clients content approval reminders so you don’t have to.

Audit trail

Always know who did what to every piece of content. No more whodunits.

Text message to library

Clients can text message assets directly to your media library, and they basically organize themselves.

We started with one team as a tester and are now at the unlimited level, all because our clients LOVE this program. It’s easy to log in, review, leave comments, and tag people specifically.

Victoria Tabio

Associate Digital Strategist, Cubic Creative

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