Streamline Client Approvals

HeyOrca eliminates collaboration bottlenecks by centralizing your entire social media workflow. Collaborate seamlessly and save countless hours a week by Inviting the right person at the right time to work on drafts, and easily involve your clients and stakeholders to provide input and approve posts for publication, all in one place!

Social Media Audit Trail

To ensure full accountability and transparency between your team and your clients, every edit and comment on a post is logged. This audit trail can be reviewed later should there be issues with messaging after publication.

Audit Trail

The Social Diner used HeyOrca to optimize their social media workflow and make client approvals easy

Emails slow the social media production process to a crawl. As The Social Diner looked to scale, they found their inboxes were crammed and that their tedious collaboration process was staggering their growth.

HeyOrca streamlined their social media workflow. All collaboration happens within the tool, and clients are easily invited in to review and approve content that aesthetically looks as it will when published. From a management standpoint, it also made it very easy to see a quick overview for each client in their own separate editorial calendars.

Krystal Hobbs - Reflective Marketing

“No more downloading and opening spreadsheets, clicking a link to view a photo, or feeling frustrated with files not properly linked or shared. Thanks for creating a great product!” Beth Saunders – Digital Marketing Lead, Reflective Marketing