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“I love the HeyOrca tool for giving you feedback – makes it much easier”

Client of Antenna Social + Design

Estelle Lombardi, Communications Manager, Spark Marketing

Our old content planning and approval workflow was, in a word, redundant. Our team was creating content in word documents, only to be uploaded & downloaded through about 3 different systems to finally reach our clients. We were finding this process inefficient & frustrating; and were spending too much time toying with templates, rather than focusing on client-related work.

Nicole Gosz, Founder, Rooted Marketing

I hated not having an audit trail, or an easy way to collaborate with clients on content creation/publishing. Dealing with attachments and Google Docs wasn’t efficient because we still had to enter everything into another piece of software in order to schedule posts.

Andrew Voirol, Owner, The Social Diner

Waaay too many emails, living by an inbox, made planning almost impossible as we scaled to higher number of clients. Google calendars only allowed for so much, and again didn’t scale the way we needed. But more often what has developed as a requirement is communicate the aesthetics of the post. Before HeyOrca, we were sending screenshots of posts, and made it frustrating to clients that required approval before hand. ​

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