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Product Updates
It's Here! Direct Instagram Publishing on HeyOrca via Buffer
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It's Here! Direct Instagram Publishing on HeyOrca via Buffer

Product Updates
February 18, 2020

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In our continued effort to help agencies take back their day we are happy to announce that we now offer Instagram Direct Publishing on HeyOrca via Buffer! 

We know managing multiple Instagram accounts can be tricky enough as it is while also setting time aside to manually publish posts. We are happy to offer single image direct publishing so you can let us do the work while you focus on other tasks!

How Direct Publishing Through Buffer Works

Currently Instagram has not open it’s API for direct publishing for non-partners. While we are committing to becoming an Instagram Partner and are currently working through this process we wanted to offer a temporary workaround for our customers through Buffer!

If you already have a Buffer account - great! If not you can sign up for a free trial that allows up to 3 social accounts. 

Next connect your Buffer account to HeyOrca! We’ve made this super easy by including an Add Instagram Via Buffer button in your calendar settings.

Also make sure your Instagram Account is a Business Account and connected to a Facebook page. This can be modified in your Instagram settings!

Currently Buffer’s API only allows for single image direct publishing. For videos, stories, and multi-image post you can still publish through our HeyOrca mobile app!

Here's a helpful guide to get you started:

For more information on how to get your Instagram account set up for direct publishing check out our article here.

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Product Updates

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