HeyOrca vs Later – which social media scheduler is better for your team?

Later has made a space in the market for individual creators and solo social media managers on Instagram. But if you’re looking for a social media scheduler that excels across all leading social channels and works well for teams and agencies, you’ll want to check out HeyOrca.

A close-up of HeyOrca’s social media calendar and approvals process, available across all social channels. Enjoy happy clients.

With HeyOrca, every member of your team gets a seat for free

You'll only pay for the calendars you need. And you won't run into hidden fees.

Lowest pricing tier
Unlimited users
1 user + no extra users allowed
Secondary pricing tier
Unlimited users
3 users + $5.00 USD/month for extra users
Pro/Advanced pricing tier
Unlimited users
6 users + $5.00 USD/month for extra users
Agency pricing tier
Unlimited users
10 users + $5.00 USD/month for extra users

“With unlimited users, unlimited storage, Canva integrations and more, HeyOrca allows us to create a completely personalized brand and calendar.”

Thais C.
Employee Relations Supervisor

Here's how HeyOrca's all-in-one social media scheduler compares to Later

Schedule and publish content on the leading social media networks

Social platform integrations
X (Twitter)
Google Business Profile
Coming soon

Prove your social media success with in-depth reports and analytics

Reporting features
Facebook impressions
Facebook engagement rate
Facebook page likes
Facebook top posts
Instagram impressions (stories, posts, reels)
Instagram engagement rate
Instagram follower growth
Instagram top posts, stories, reels
LinkedIn impressions
LinkedIn engagement rate
LinkedIn audience growth
LinkedIn post clicks
LinkedIn top posts
X (Twitter) engagement regardless of posting method
X (Twitter) likes regardless of posting method
X (Twitter) reposts regardless of posting method
X (Twitter) follower count
X (Twitter) top posts
TikTok engagement rate
TikTok audience growth
TikTok profile engagement
TikTok post engagement
TikTok top posts
Competitor reports
Cross-channel reports
Date range comparison filtering
Automated scheduled reports
Client-friendly reports for Instagram
Client-friendly reports for Facebook
Client-friendly reports for LinkedIn
Client-friendly reports for X (Twitter)
Client-friendly reports for TikTok
AI report summaries

Boost your efficiency (and your brand!) with these powerful features

Efficiency and brand-building features
Client-specific, shareable content calendars
Custom white-label branding
Comment section for internal feedback
Comment section for client feedback
Clients can approve posts without logging in
Link in bio
Instagram grid view
AI social caption generator
Al alt text generator
Hashtag suggestions for all social accounts & plans
Canva integration
Link shortener for all social accounts & plans
Approval workflow
Text to media library
Audit trail
Best times to post for Facebook
Best times to post for Instagram
Best times to post for LinkedIn
Best times to post for X (Twitter)
Best times to post for TikTok
Coming soon
Social inbox for Instagram
Social inbox for Facebook
Social inbox for LinkedIn
Social inbox for TikTok

Choose HeyOrca to create without limitations

Your social media scheduler should make you more efficient – not slow you down. That's why HeyOrca comes with unlimited users, posts, approvals, media storage, AI tools, and more.

Unlimited users
Unlimited media storage
Unlimited posts on every plan
Unlimited use of AI tools
Unlimited content approvals

Unlimited users

$0.00! That’s how much you’ll pay to add unlimited additional users to your HeyOrca account. With Later, you’ll pay $5.00 USD/month for each additional user.

Unlimited posts

Schedule posts. Then schedule some more. Every HeyOrca account comes with unlimited posts. With Later, you’ll need a Growth or Agency plan to unlock unlimited posts.

Unlimited AI use

Use HeyOrca‘s AI tools – like AI Captions and AI Alt Text Suggestions – as many times as you like. With Later, you‘ll need to pay with credits each time you use an AI feature.

Kat, our customer care team lead, ready to lend a helping hand.

Best-in-class support for every HeyOrca user

Need help or have a question? Later's live chat is only available to users on advanced plans. So you may need to talk to a bot. Then wait for an email.

When you choose HeyOrca, you'll get personalized support from our friendly customer care orcas (aka helpful humans!) in 4 minutes or less – no matter what plan you're on. HeyOrca support is rated 9.8/10 by real users.

Use HeyOrca to keep your team (and clients!) as happy as a clam

HeyOrca has 4.8 stars on G2, while Later has 4.5

“We were able to onboard all of our clients easily and all clients were impressed. Compared to other social media content scheduling and review tools I've used (Sprout Social, Agorapulse, Hootsuite) HeyOrca is by far my favorite.”

Gina S.

Gina S.

Social Media Manager

“Before using HeyOrca, an exhaustive investigation was made about the programs of this same category and we found that this is the easiest to use, better quality and with the most competitive price in the market.”

Walt S.

Walt S.

Marketing Specialist

“The prices are incredibly reasonable and there are features that other platforms don't have. You can also send content to internal and external users for approval and comments.”

Katy S.

Katy S.

Digital Content Manager

“My team loves HeyOrca because of the way it allows us to collaborate on content, without us needing to use spreadsheets, and shared documents. Also, HeyOrca's customer service is outstanding.”

Nicole G.

Nicole G.

Business Owner

“HeyOrca plans charge based on Calendars instead of users, so I like the ability for us to scale our team as needed. It's clear to the clients and gives our team more flexibility. HeyOrca is a great tool for agencies.”

Elsie S.

Elsie S.

Social Media Marketing Manager

“Before HeyOrca we tried Hootsuite, Buffer, publishing natively, and piecing together specific tools for each social platform. In the first month, HeyOrca saved my team approximately 60 hours and more than $4,000.”

Lisa B

Lisa B


Frequently asked questions

Is HeyOrca a better scheduler than Later?

Later is an effective tool for individual creators and solo social media managers who focus on Instagram. For teams and agencies that rely on collaboration to build communities across all major social networks, HeyOrca is the best social media scheduler. HeyOrca makes it easy to create content, get client approval, engage with your community, and report on your impact – all in one place.

Does HeyOrca charge a fee for additional users?

Nope! With HeyOrca, you can add unlimited users to your account for free, no matter what plan you're on. With Later, you'll need to pay $5.00 USD per month for each additional user. And you can only add extra users to select Later plans.

Are HeyOrca's reporting features more robust than Later's?

Later offers in-depth Instagram performance reports, but if you want to report on accounts across all leading social networks, you'll find HeyOrca's reporting features more comprehensive (and client-friendly!). With HeyOrca, you can compare your performance across social channels, automatically email PDF reports to clients on a recurring schedule, analyze your performance against competitors, leverage AI report summaries, and more.

How does HeyOrca's pricing work?

HeyOrca's pricing is based on calendar count. A calendar is a client-specific space where you'll schedule posts, store media, access reports, and more. You'll want a separate calendar for each client you serve. For example, if you have 5 clients, you'll want 5 calendars. Once you're all set with your calendars, you don't have to worry about hidden fees. Every HeyOrca plan comes with unlimited users, unlimited media storage, unlimited use of AI tools, and unlimited scheduled posts. With Later, you'll need to pay extra for additional users and AI use. Depending on your Later plan, you may also have to pay extra to schedule more posts.

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