Social Media Planning & Client Collaboration

Content Planning and client collaboration, all from one place.
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Social Media Planning & Client Collaboration

Content Planning and client collaboration, all from one place.
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Finally, a Social Media Planner your Clients will Love!

Say goodbye to the frustration of formatting your spreadsheets and word docs for every single campaign. Our flexible content sandbox allows you to put your social media plan into context for your clients by accurately visualizing content before it goes live and only sharing content that’s ready for review.

Social Media Planning & Approval

Discover a more efficient way of planning by providing context to your clients and receiving early feedback on your work, all without the hassle of spreadsheets. HeyOrca allows you to preview your content as it will appear once it’s published and tie it to your overall strategy through a high-level calendar view and notes section.

Centralize All Clients & Assets in One Place

Every client will have their own unique content calendar and dedicated asset library. Sort your images, videos, and GIFs according to tags and themes. You get unlimited storage and an integration to Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive.

Automate Your Content Publishing Workflow

Eliminate duplication of efforts. HeyOrca publishes your content to the relevant social media networks once approvals have been obtained from your clients. No need to upload your spreadsheet to another social media tool for publishing.

A Link that’s Worth a Thousand Spreadsheets

Be an extension of your client’s team. HeyOrca streamlines your client approval process, making it dead simple to be on the same page with your clients.

The Preview Link

This is hands-down the most convenient way to share your plans with clients. Once your team is finished creating their editorial calendar, they can simply pick the content they’d like your client to review, generate a short-link, and send it. With this link your client will be able to review, approve, and comment on each of the selected posts – no login needed.

Client-friendly View

It is our job to make your job easier and your clients happy. This is the mantra behind our client-facing view. We help you deliver the type of client experience that keeps your clients engaged and crystal clear about the value you bring to their business.

Audit Trail

Say goodbye to finger-pointing. Version control issues and fragmented feedback are a thing of the past. With HeyOrca everyone’s feedback and activity is logged in a post-by-post audit trail. This simple process puts a stop to any future he-said-she-said arguments before they even start.

Stop Putting out Fires and Start Scaling your Business

HeyOrca is purpose-built to facilitate agency-client communication, allowing for quick turnaround on marketing plans and assets without the hassle of spreadsheets.

Internal Peer Review

Successful agencies implement an internal peer review process for every piece of content before it is presented to clients. This process goes a long way towards ensuring high-quality content and mitigating the risk of any mishaps. HeyOrca makes this process efficient.

Agency-Client Communication

Why use spreadsheets to plan and organize your social media content when there is a tool designed to seamlessly involve your clients in the creative process? Clients can be involved in the planning and review process without the need to learn another tool.


Inter-Agency Collaboration

Specialization is key to scaling your agency. Agencies are increasingly collaborating with one another to provide clients with required services and keep operations lean. HeyOrca allows you to work closely with partner agencies while only granting them access to relevant client projects.

Communication is the #2 Driver of Client Retention

(The #1 driver is delivering business outcomes)

Streamline client communication and approvals

The secret to keeping clients in the loop without losing control lies in drawing a clear line between what falls within the scope of client review and what doesn’t. HeyOrca gives you the freedom to choose what your clients need to review and provide them with comprehensive context for their next social media campaign.


Keep your team and your clients on the same page

Improve client satisfaction and retention by ensuring communication flows smoothly in both directions. HeyOrca is helping marketing agencies foster great client relationships through efficient client communications and sign-off on social media marketing plans. Ensuring everybody is on the same page.

Improve efficiency and take on more business

Avoid the perils of low productivity that result from a broken and ineffective communication process. By centralizing and automating your communication workflow, you can finally focus on what really matters and add value to your clients. Take back your workday and get more done by streamlining your communications and approval workflow.

World Class Customer Support

Our customers are at the centre of everything that we do. Every customer relationship is important to us and never just transactional. That is why you will be paired up with your own dedicated account manager – your one point of contact for everything you need. Need additional training sessions for your team/clients? We provide UNLIMITED training sessions, as many as you need. Let us take care of onboarding and you can focus on running your agency. We are here to help make your agency the success story that it can be.

Katherine Hobbs

“I hated not having an audit trail, or an easy way to collaborate with clients on content creation/publishing. Dealing with attachments and Google Docs wasn’t efficient because we still had to enter everything into another piece of software in order to schedule posts.”

Nicole Gosz, Founder of Rooted Marketing