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Become a HeyOrca Agency Partner to keep your team efficient and your clients happy. Enjoy exclusive perks and scale your subscription as your agency grows.

A collage of key features of HeyOrca: dedicated client calendars with scheduled social media posts, colourful and easy to consume reporting, and an approval flow.
Robert G. — “Far and away the most functional, efficient, and intuitive of any platform I've seen. It was palpably made by people who KNOW what agencies need.”

“Far and away the most functional, efficient, and intuitive of any platform I've seen. It was palpably made by people who KNOW what agencies need.”

Robert G.


Manage all your clients with one social media tool

Build engaged communities

Respond to comments, DMs, and mentions right from HeyOrca. Each client gets a separate community inbox, so you don’t have to worry about replying from the wrong account.

Wow clients with well-planned content

Grow multiple accounts without juggling multiple tabs. Bring your content strategies to life more efficiently by creating and scheduling posts all from one place.

Simplify your client-approval process

No more spreadsheets or endless email threads. Send each client a shareable link so they can easily approve posts and leave feedback (even if they’re not tech-savvy).

Manage multiple clients

For easier collaboration and happier clients. Each client will have their own dedicated calendar, so you can keep your clients separate and give each brand the attention it deserves.

Automate your reporting process

Get all the metrics that matter all in one place. Report on post performance, compare cross-channel results, discover competitor insights, and download client-friendly reports.

Leverage built-in AI

Tap into the power of AI to speed up content creation (and beat writer's block). HeyOrca will generate relevant suggestions for captions, replies, and accessible alt text.

Build client trust

Be the agency that's a delight to work with. With HeyOrca, clients can approve posts without logging in. Assign clients specific user roles so you can collaborate with confidence and keep your work secure.

HeyOrca's client portal, where clients can choose their name and give (or not give) their clients approvals for different posts.

Agencies love us

HeyOrca is trusted by over 37,000+ social media managers and counting.

Social media agency director Daria and her team members enjoying a celebratory drink around a small wooden table after a day at the office.

Meet Daria Benedict, the Director of Social Media at Wondros, an independent global creative agency dedicated to solving complex communication challenges and building social movements. Discover how HeyOrca helped her team take back their days!

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“Never sending a client a spreadsheet ever again – we use HeyOrca's shareable links so clients can approve or leave feedback in a matter of a few seconds.”

Lisa B.

Lisa B.

Chief Executive Officer

“We're able to grow and scale our subscription as our agency grows, and we're looking forward to being part of the Pod for quite a while!”

Melissa W.

Melissa W.

Client Success Director

“HeyOrca makes posting to multiple accounts for multiple clients a breeze.”

Tyler A.

Tyler A.

Digital Specialist

Easy growth opportunities

Grow your business and your revenue streams! No matter how big or small your agency is, you'll get exclusive perks as a HeyOrca Agency Partner.

Preferential pricing

Agency Partner exclusive!

Save more than just time when you use HeyOrca to manage multiple clients. Our agency partners enjoy custom pricing.

Revenue sharing

Agency & Creator Partner exclusive!

Add a new revenue stream to your agency! Coming soon: Receive a one-time, 50% commission off the first month of any referral you send our way.

Add or remove calendars as needed

Your agency is ever-evolving. And your scheduling tool should be just as adaptable.

Unlimited users for limitless growth

You shouldn’t be penalized for growing your team. That's why every HeyOrca plan comes with unlimited users.

Book a demo

Get up and running lightning-fast

The HeyOrca team showing a mix of funny and serious faces while at their most recent meet up.
Free migration service

Switching to HeyOrca after trying a different tool? We'll help you migrate your content for free so you don't miss a beat.

Personalized agency onboarding and training

Enjoy onboarding and training made just for you and your team. HeyOrca is powerful for marketers, simple for clients, and intuitive for everyone. So you can impress clients – then add more to your roster.

Bespoke pricing plans for boutique agencies

We’ll work with you to develop personalized pricing that meets your agency’s needs (and helps you scale with ease).

Frequently asked questions

What makes HeyOrca different from other social media management platforms?

HeyOrca makes it easy for clients to work with you. With our tool, you can manage all of social in one place. Schedule content, get client approval, build an engaged community, and report on your performance. Every HeyOrca plan comes with unlimited users – so you can be sure everyone is on the same page.

What is a calendar and what does it include?

A calendar is a way of organizing the clients or brands that you manage. You can easily collaborate on content for a client and see all their content on one calendar. All calendars come with unlimited users and up to 10 social accounts. Users include your team members and clients.

How will my client access HeyOrca?

You can assign your clients different roles depending on how involved they need to be in the content creation process. Most users set their clients up as external stakeholders. In this role, your client can approve, reject, and provide feedback on posts – without logging in to HeyOrca. When you’re ready for your client to review posts, you’ll send them a secure shareable link. They’ll only be able to see the content you want to show them. And your client will receive minimal email notifications.

What social networks does HeyOrca publish to?

HeyOrca publishes directly to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, X, Google Business Profile, and Pinterest. We also publish to Threads via mobile app notification.

Does HeyOrca provide social media reports/analytics?

We do! Currently, you can track:

  • Follower/audience growth
  • Impressions
  • Engagements
  • Top posts (you can filter these by various metrics)
  • Competitor reports
  • Date range comparison
  • Cross channel reports
  • And more . . .

Before your trial ends, you can upgrade at any time in HeyOrca. If you have any questions about pricing or upgrading your account, please reach out to

How does the trial work?

You can try all of our features for 14 days and publish as many posts as you want – all without adding a credit card. Once your trials ends, you will need to subscribe to a paid account to continue using HeyOrca. Send us a message at if you have any questions about your trial.

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