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Weekly Brief
Enhance Your UGC Strategy with Instagram's Latest Test 🙌
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Enhance Your UGC Strategy with Instagram's Latest Test 🙌

Weekly Brief
May 8, 2023

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What's New in Social

Instagram tests new feature that will help brands source UGC

Instagram's newest test will help brands source and use UGC content. Once the feature is added to your shop, Instagram will pull together posts you've been tagged in.

Instagram tests adding songs to carousel posts

Instagram has a similar feature already where you can add music to 1 photo feed posts, but now it is testing the ability to also add music to a carousel post.

Google adds blue checkmarks for verified brands in Gmail

Google adds verified blue checkmarks for brands to try and eliminate impersonators. 

TikTok announces the third annual "TikTok World" event

TikTok announces that "TikTok World" 2023 will take place on May 9th and people will be able to tune in virtually.

Instagram is testing a new AI feature

Instagram's latest test is includes the ability to generate custom stickers using AI.

TikTok expands its "Creativity Program"

TikTok expanded it's Creativity Program recently to include direct funding for top creators based on content performance in the app.

Facebook adds Reels to the top of the Watch tab

Facebook looks to make it easier to discover Reels by adding them to the top of the Watch tab within the app.

YouTube adds more ways to build awareness with Shorts

One of the new ways to build awareness with Shorts includes new ad placement options.

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Trending Audio

To get direct links to these songs and ideas of how you can use them, check out our trending audio blog post.

Upcoming Workshops

May 11 - Mental Health Within the Social Media Industry. Register here!

May 18 - How Top Agencies Structure Social Media Teams to Drive Client Success. Register here!

June 1 - Social Media Updates From May You Need To Know. Register here!

June 15 - A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a Winning LinkedIn Newsletter. Register here!

June 22 - How to Effectively Pitch Your Agencies Social Media Services. Register here!

Social Holidays for May & June

May 8 – Victory in Europe Day / Lag B’omer Starts

May 9 – First day of Mental Health Awareness Week (US, UK)

May 10 – National Small Business Day

May 14 – Mother’s Day (US)

May 17 – International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia

May 18 – Ascension Day

May 19 – Bike to Work Day

May 20 – Armed Forces Day (US

May 21 – International Tea Day

May 22 – National Maritime Day / Victoria Day (Canada)

May 25 – National Missing Children’s Day / Shavuot

May 26 – Buddha Day

May 28 – International Hamburger Day

May 29 – Memorial Day (US) / Whit Monday

June 1 – First Day of Pride Month / First Day of Men’s Health Month

June 2 – National Donut Day

June 4 – Hug Your Cat Day / Trinity Sunday

June 5 – World Environment Day

June 6 – D-Day / Higher Education Day

June 8 – World Oceans Day / National Best Friend Day (US) / Corpus Christi

Sync all of the social media holidays for the year with your Google Calendar by clicking here.

What's New From The Pod

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Weekly Brief

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