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Everything a Social Media Manager Needs to Know About the Facebook F8 Refresh Announcement
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Everything a Social Media Manager Needs to Know About the Facebook F8 Refresh Announcement

Social Media News
June 4, 2021
Everything a Social Media Manager Needs to Know About the Facebook F8 Refresh Announcement

We know how busy a Social Media Managers day can get, so don’t worry! We did all of the homework for you.

The Facebook F8 Refresh took place June 2, 2021, and it was packed with exciting updates that we’ve all been waiting for. A common theme among the updates: Messaging. Creating an efficient, convenient and positive customer journey through messaging is their top priority.

Messenger API for Instagram is Now Available to ALL Developers

As we all know, we go to Instagram to be inspired, engaged and to connect with the businesses we love and feel like we are a part of their community. The Messenger API for Instagram will allow businesses to offer a seamless messaging experience for their customers. Brands will be able to integrate Instagram messaging with the applications and workflows that work best for them. It will allow brands to manage communications in one place and create quick response times for their customers. I don’t know about you, but nothing is better than getting a quick response from the businesses you love!

In the screenshot below, you’ll notice that there are automated messages, but the customer also has the option to ‘Chat with a person'. This will create quick responses for those common questions you receive all the time, but will also allow the customer to connect with a person if they aren’t getting the information they need.

Get Customer Feedback Template within Facebook Messenger

It’s so important to analyze how your customers are enjoying their journey with your business. The Customer Feedback Template within Facebook Messenger will make that easy peasy. You can receive a star rating and the customer will also have the ability to leave a comment about their experience.

Get Your Customers to Opt into Messaging With Login Connect

With Login Connect with Messenger, customers will now be able to opt into messaging with the brands they love directly from the Facebook Login. With some of Facebook’s test participants, they’ve seen that 70% of users opt into messaging. This is a huge thing for a business because it can generate new customer conversations and engagements. Not to mention it’s a personal touch. Note: this feature is currently in closed beta, but will be widely available in the next few months.

Connect With Your Customers Conveniently and Quickly With WhatsApp Business API

With WhatsApp Business becoming more and more popular, WhatsApp has announced some new updates to create a more flawless experience.

Currently, the WhatsApp Business API onboarding can take weeks, but not anymore! The onboarding process has been cut down to only 5 minutes. Talk about saving time! They also announced that they are improving how businesses can communicate with their customers, such as when an item they enjoyed is back in stock, the customer will be notified. Lastly, WhatsApp Business will be launching new messaging features.

There will be new features that will give customers a simpler way to make a selection when speaking with a brand’s chatbot. These new features include:

List Messages - Customers can make a selection from a menu of 10
Reply Buttons - Customers can make a quick selection with just a tap

Of course, the social community is loving the news!

Instagram’s new API for automated responses would be great because it means I can reopen my DM and let people deal with a chat bot for the questions like “can u verify me”#F8refresh

— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) June 2, 2021

This is BIG #F8Refresh

— Binit (@undermyhood) June 2, 2021

So, this year, #F8refresh is all about Messaging. This is fantastic move by FB.

— Hardik Shah (@hardik) June 2, 2021

If you would like a deeper dive into exciting new updates, check out the full F8 Refresh 2021 Keynote below.

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