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Product Updates
HeyOrca's October Product Roundup!
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HeyOrca's October Product Roundup!

Check out all the latest HeyOrca product updates for October!

Product Updates
November 8, 2023
New: Add Trending Audio to Your Instagram and TikTok Content with Publishing Notes

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As the leaves change and the temperatures drop, we're heating things waaay up with tons of exciting feature releases for October. In this month's product roundup, we revisit the latest HeyOrca updates and enhancements designed to help you #TakeBackYourDay!

Check out our full list of October releases below! 

Instagram Product Tagging

We’re proud to announce the launch of our latest feature: Instagram Product Tagging. 

Your audience’s virtual carts are about to fill on up! (And you don't even have to leave HeyOrca to make it happen!)

Product Tagging enables you to make your content shoppable by tagging products in your carousels and Instagram Reels – right from your HeyOrca Calendar!

Once you’ve got your products tagged, you can schedule your content using direct publishing (available for Business Profiles) to automatically publish your shoppable posts. Mhm, it’s that easy!

And get this: Instagram Product Tagging is available on all Basic, Standard, and Pro Calendars!

Want to learn more about Product Tagging? Check out our knowledge base article here!

LinkedIn Personal Mentions

LinkedIn Personal Mentions enable you to tag all your fave followers of your company page from your HeyOrca Calendar . . . AND send your post out into the world using LinkedIn direct publishing!

With this update, your team can engage even more of your audience – withOUT having to take tons of extra steps.

To get access to this feature and start mentioning personal profiles, head over to your reauthorization dashboard and reauthorize your LinkedIn account!

Pro tip: If your account was connected or reauthorized after October 11, you don’t need to do a thing. You already have access!

Learn more here

Revamped Calendar and Content Library Filters

In October, we introduced an update to revamp our Calendar filters with some awesome improvements to improve your experience!

Our updated filters allow you to search your HeyOrca Calendar while selecting multiple post campaigns, tags, social accounts, and post stages to help you filter and view exactly what's relevant to you.

Want to search your whole Calendar using your post captions? We made that happen too! Now, your team can easily locate a post by searching for the caption or relevant keywords.

Check it out here!

Publishing Notes

Heard some trending audio you want to use with your next post? Easily add it with Publishing Notes!

Publishing Notes make it effortless to add relevant trending audio links for both Instagram and TikTok posts! Add your audio link to your HeyOrca Calendar when you create a post, and easily use the attached sound link in your content when it's time to publish!

Click here for more deets >>!

Product Updates

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