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Weekly Brief
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Weekly Brief
August 14, 2023

What's New in Social


Threads adds an alt text feature

Threads has released a few new features recently with one being the ability to add alt text the photos.

Threads is in the process of launching a way to see liked posts

Threads is currently working on (and soon releasing) an area where you will be able to see posts that you've liked. You will be able to find this feature by going to Settings > Your Likes.


Instagram enhances their DM protection features

With the new enhancements, users who want to send a message to someone who doesn't follow them will now have to go through 2 new restrictions. The first restriction is a 1 message only cap and the second is that DM invites are now limited to only text.

Instagram tests a new image and photo collab option

This feature when turned on, will allow users to add their own photos and images to an existing post.


X releases its official brand guidelines

It now feels official - X has released its new brand guidelines including logos that you can use to update your website social media graphics.

X community posts will now show in your main feed

This feature is still in the testing phase, but selected users may notice that now the community posts mix in with the For You feed.

X is adding an option to sort posts based on engagement

X will be launching a new feature that allows you to go to someone's profile and sort through their posts by the most recent, most liked and most engaged with.


TikTok has been testing full length podcasts

This test will allow creators to upload full length podcasts to TikTok via an RSS feed.

TikTok's algorithm will be optional in Europe

TikTok users in Europe will now have the option to see recommended videos that aren't based on their online activity.

TikTok adds a new AI-generated content label

TikTok creators will now have to tag their videos with the AI-generated label if using an AI generated filter and if they don't, they risk having the post removed.


YouTube tests a recommended viewing shelf on channels

With this test, you will be able to go to a creators channel and get a "For You" video list compiled of videos from that creator that YouTube thinks you'll like.


LinkedIn adds a new element to the "About" section

On your profile's About section, you're now able to tag up to 5 of your top skills.

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Trending Audio

To get direct links to these songs and ideas of how you can use them, check out our trending audio blog post.

Trending audio for Reels & Tiktok for the week of Aug 14

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August 17 - How Social Media Managers Can Detect and Fight Burnout. Register here!

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Social Holidays for August & September

August 15 – Assumption of Mary

August 16 – National Tell a Joke Day

August 19 – World Photography Day

August 21 – Senior Citizens Day

August 26 – National Dog Day / Women’s Equality Day

September 4 – Eat an Extra Dessert Day / Labor Day (US, CA)

September 6 – Read a Book Day

September 10 – National Suicide Prevention Day / National Grandparents Day (US)

September 11 – National Day of Service and Remembrance

September 15 – First Day of National Hispanic Heritage Month / National Pow/Mia Recognition Day / Rosh Hashanah Starts

Sync all of the social media holidays for the year with your Google Calendar by clicking here.

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Weekly Brief

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