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Weekly Brief
X has a new link preview design 🔗👀
Global partnership enables...

X has a new link preview design 🔗👀

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In this issue we cover:

✅X's new link preview design

✅Updates from Meta & TikTok who are both testing ad-free subscriptions

✅Trending audio for Reels &TikTok (and examples of how to use it)

✅Upcoming webinars

✅Social media holidays for Octoberand more!

Weekly Brief
October 9, 2023
HeyOrca Brief for the week of October 9th

Table of contents

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What's New in Social From the Past Week

X updates its link preview format

X is rolling out a new link preview that will remove the headline and preview text and only show the header image.


X experiments with new pinning feature

The new pinning feature would allow users to pin communities, lists and search queries.


TikTok is experimenting with an ad-free subscription

Just like Meta, TikTok is now testing out an ad-free subscription. The subscription would be $4.99 a month.


Meta verified rolling out in NZ

New Zealanders will be able to get Meta verified as Meta expands their program.

Meta explores charging $14 for an ad free Facebook

European users will have the option to pay a fee or agree to personalized ads.

Meta looks to explore new ways to gain more Threads interest

According to The Information, Meta is going to be holding focus groups with creators in hopes to learn how it can make Threads more appealing.


YouTube launches new subscriber analytics

YouTube announced that they will be adding new subscriber analytics including why subscribers cancel their channel subscription.

YouTube expands access to its Partner Program

YouTube has expanded it's Partner Program to 24 more countries. This will create more monetization opportunities for creators.


Photoshop for the web will include popular AI tools

Adobe's Photoshop on the web is now available! The web version will include popular AI tools that the desktop version has including Generative Fill and Generative Expand.

Spotify is adding auto-generated transcripts to podcasts

Millions of podcasts will have auto-generated transcripts which will be time-synced so listeners can visually follow along.

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This Week's Trending Audio

To grab links directly to these tunes, past trending audio, and inspiration around how to use these sounds, click here.

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Upcoming Webinars

October 12 - Social media updates from September. Register here!

October 19 - How to prioritize your mental health. Register here!

October 26 - How to create a social media manager portfolio. Register here!

November 2 - Social media updates from October. Register here!

November 9 - How to pitch your social media services. Register here!

Social  Media Holidays for the Month of October

October 9 – Columbus Day (US) / Thanksgiving

October 10 – World Mental Health Day

October 11 – National Coming Out Day

October 15 – White Cane Safety Day

October 21 – Sweetest Day

October 26 – National Pumpkin Day (US)

October 31 – Halloween

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Weekly Brief

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