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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does HeyOrca charge per user?

Nothing! You can add unlimited users to your HeyOrca account for FREE. HeyOrca's pricing is based on calendars, and you'll only pay for the calendars you need. We recommend setting up 1 calendar per client. So if your agency has 5 clients, you'll want 5 calendars.

Does HeyOrca offer robust reporting?

You bet! HeyOrca Reports are available for Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, and TikTok. We also offer competitor reports, cross-channel reports, and date-range comparisons. You can generate a visual report in seconds and send it to your clients as a PDF.

How does HeyOrca help improve the team-client experience?

HeyOrca makes it easy for your team to build trust with clients. Because your clients are organized by calendars in HeyOrca, each client gets their own dedicated space for content, media, reports, community management, and notes. Your clients can approve posts without logging in (and you can wow them with custom branding and easy-to-read reports!).

Is Meta Business Suite free?

Yes, Meta Business Suite is free. This makes it an accessible solution for teams that are just starting out on social media. However, as they grow, many teams and brands choose to invest in a social media scheduling tool like HeyOrca to improve efficiency and support collaboration.

Which social media platforms are part of Meta Business Suite?

Meta Business Suite connects to your brand's Facebook and Instagram accounts. If you manage other social media channels for your brand, including TikTok, LinkedIn, and X (Twitter), you'll need additional tools. With HeyOrca, you can manage accounts on all the leading social media platforms in one place.

Is Meta Business Suite the same as Facebook Creator Studio?

Facebook Creator Studio tools, including scheduling and messaging, have moved to Meta Business Suite.

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