Managing Social Media For Clients Has Never Been Easier

Say Goodbye to Clutter. HeyOrca organizes each of your client’s social media accounts, editorial calendar and asset library into a separate environment so you stay organized and easily keep stakeholders within their own account. Draft, collaborate and publish social media for your clients, all in one place!

Centralize Client's Assets

Social Media From Draft to Publication

Why use multiple tools, email threads and spreadsheets to plan social media for clients when you can collaborate in the same place you publish? HeyOrca is the one stop shop for agencies who manage social media for multiple clients or campaigns.

A Separate Environment For Each Client

Every client’s social media accounts, editorial calendar and media assets are organized into separate environments called teams. Each client will only ever be able to see content within their own team, and administrators can easily navigate between different teams at any time using our collapsible sidebar menu.

Roles and Permissions

Each team can have unlimited users and stakeholders registered to it, and they can all be given different roles and permissions. HeyOrca makes it easy to control who can view and who can edit the content for each client team.

Content and Media Libraries

Need to store evergreen content, images or templates? Every team has its own content library and media library so you can store all your assets, and they both have unlimited storage! You can even upload assets via text message.

Krystal Hobbs - Reflective Marketing

“It showed the content in a visual way, helping us to avoid tedious spreadsheets and ensuring our clients understood the content and its context.”

Jonathan Clemens, Production Director at Ellipsis Digital

TechWyse needed a simple way to manage social media for their clients

Using documents to manage social media for clients is a productivity killer. TechWyse struggled with the countless hours of having to share social media content with clients via Google Docs and screenshots, email back-and-forth for multiple revisions, and then adding copying it back to Hootsuite for publication.

HeyOrca was a game changer. The TechWyse team is now able to share content with their clients easily in the same place it’s published, and having a unique calendar for each client makes staying organized easy. They also found that their clients are more engaged with their creative process since using HeyOrca.

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Social Media Workflow and Client Approvals

Having a strong social media workflow will save you hours a week and makes scaling your agency easier. HeyOrca allows you to keep it simple by collaborating and publishing within the platform, and inviting in clients to review content with a shareable link.
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Social Media Editorial Calendar

We saw agencies still using spreadsheets and Google Docs for their social media planning, and built HeyOrca to help. Our drag-and-drop calendar and timeline views make planning and scheduling social media simple, and both you and your clients will view and edit posts that are visualized as they will appear on each social media network when published.
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Social Media Analytics and Reporting

Why go into each social network individually to grab metrics when HeyOrca rounds up analytics for each of your clients’ social media accounts for you? HeyOrca provides easy to understand PDF reports and exportable data, available to all of our customers at no extra cost.
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Who knew managing social media for clients could be so easy?