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Agency Life
How This Agency Provides Stellar Service to Clients, Remotely
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How This Agency Provides Stellar Service to Clients, Remotely

Agency Life
March 24, 2020

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Welcome to our Agency Spotlight series! Each article will feature pioneers of the #agencylife and how they run their businesses in the modern world. This week we talk to remote agency, Beutler Ink, about how to service their clients needs effectively online.

Who are you? What is your background?

Hi, I'm Drew Tyson. My career began in hospitality. I was working in restaurants when Instagram launched and I recognized how beneficial it was going to be for the industry. I convinced a few places to let me start and manage their accounts and eventually spent some time as the editor of Thrillist Portland before co-founding the food festival Chefs Week PDX. Now I am Beutler Inks first social media editor, leading strategy and managing accounts for the firm and for multiple partners while overseeing a social media team that specializes in hospitality marketing.

How would you describe Beutler Ink?

I always struggle with this question, because like a lot of (if not all) digital agencies, Beutler Ink does a lot of things that aren't necessarily listed on our services pages. I would say we're a small digital agency that big brands (Google, Verizon, Uber, Amazon) work with again and again because we consistently deliver smart strategy and absolutely top-shelf account management. My team mostly works with hospitality partners, managing their social presence and administering dynamic paid media strategies.

What does Beutler Ink do especially well? What is your speciality?

In addition to general strategy and account management, we take pride in generating results on social (especially for hospitality clients) and are industry leaders on Wikipedia engagement claim no other agency can make. Please reach out to my colleagues if you're curious to learn more!

Beutler Ink is also a completely remote agency. This means that we have someone available to help you from the East Coast morning to the West Coast evening, and often at other times as well.

What digital tactics have you found worked in your client's industry?

Weve found that the best digital tactics are the same ones that the best companies have always used. Transparency is a key component to anyones marketing but is especially important for hospitality and tourism. Your audience wants to see aspirational images but you must set realistic expectations. This is why UGC is so popular in the industry. Its also why its so important to foster healthy communities. Theres no better marketing than happy customers.

We've also had success using social media to identify surprise and delight moments that bridge the gap between a guest's digital and in-person brand experience. With a little collaboration with the property team, we can deliver a complimentary champagne bottle to a couple we know is celebrating an anniversary, and suddenly a first-time guest is a lifelong brand advocate.

What features do you offer that sets you apart from other agencies?

Despite being a remote workforce, we do not work in silos. Our strategists collaborate to blend organic and paid efforts into holistic campaigns that drive results. We do not rely on any one platforms metrics, choosing instead to pull data granularly. This allows us to provide more meaningful and actionable results. Our partners regularly tell us that our reports are more thorough than anything they get from other vendors.

We also staff every account with a dedicated point of contact to manage all the calls, emails, and other non-social media work. This keeps our strategists laser-focused on the product while making sure our partners get super quick responses and turnaround times. (Another benefit of a remote workforce.)

What problems are you solving with HeyOrca?

HeyOrca, more than any other content planning platform, allows my team to effectively collaborate across multiple clients and channels. Its easy to use and learn so that everyone on our team, from copywriters to account managers, is able to visualize and understand where we are with our planning and what needs to be done. Most importantly, its easy for our partners to see, comment on, and approve their content.

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