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How This Agency Creates an Amazing Client Relationship, Digitally
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How This Agency Creates an Amazing Client Relationship, Digitally

Agency Life
May 20, 2020

Welcome to our Agency Spotlight series! Each article will feature pioneers of the #agencylife and how they run their businesses in the modern world. Although COVID-19 has impacted agencies of all sizes, we are inspired by digital agencies like Yellow Line Digital who have adjusted to the new normal of the agency life. Check out their story below!

Who are you? What is your background?

Yellow Line Digital was born out of John Paul The Great Catholic University's Entrepreneur Program called the Launch Pad. Starting in 2010, a small group of dedicated students and staff developed a business plan as part of the school curriculum and went to work implementing that plan. What the company is today is a few bold pivots from that original plan. The organization started as Movie Studio, pivoted to a Creative Agency, Pivoted again to a Strategic Marketing Firm and landed at where it is today: A digital marketing agency focused on serving purpose-driven organizations.

How would you describe Yellow Line Digital?

At Yellow Line Digital, we believe that storytelling is the most effective way to communicate, especially on social media. We take the audience you desire on a journey, whether that journey is a short sprint, a deep plunge, or an epic summit. Each program we offer is centred around a customer journey funnel that helps to hit each desired KPI to best tell your unique story.

What does Yellow Line Digital do especially well? What is your specialty?

Yellow Line Digital works a lot with caused based clients. We help our clients with fundraising and awareness about their cause. I asked my team to share with me what they thought was our specialty and here were some of the answers:

  • To me, YLD has two specialties. A family-first culture and meaningful storytelling.
    The family first culture emphasizes our staff and our client's family life first acknowledging all the humans behind the work we do. I think this is especially amazing considering we dwell almost entirely in the digital realm where it's very easy for companies to lose track of the people behind the machine. This core value is easily seen in the passion behind the work we put out.
  • Meaningful storytelling means we dig deep and find the core theme behind what our client wants to put out. We take that value and build it into a story that places the audience as the hero. A unique value that stands out among many marketing agencies. Furthermore, we align ourselves with clients that have meaningful values.
  • We are people-focused, God-oriented, quality-driven. We don't accept mediocrity and we recognize that no one is good at everything so we need a team. The audience is what makes anything happen and we treat clients as audience members with a voice to share and mission to join, not so much as some other race from on high. Clients are people too with great things to accomplish among their fellow men.
  • My fave part is the diversity of doing good. All of it is doing good, but the different ways of bettering lives and the world is truly awe-inspiring.
  • We have a unique company culture, a passion for storytelling, and a drive for excellence in everything we do.
  • We literally have employees in every time zone. Most of our team is not in the office. The personal responsibility, communication, and dedication that each person has is the key to making a team like ours work. Being in the digital office really does feel like the real thing.

What is your favourite part of working with your clients?

I really enjoy building relationships with clients and learning more about their organization. I also like celebrating victories with them whether that be a viral post, an influencer shoutout, or a fundraising goal met. My coworker Sophie said, "My favourite thing about working with our clients is knowing that we do good work that will have a lasting impact on the communities we interact with. Working with non-profits can be less glamorous than other types of advertising but at the end of the day, we are serving causes that we believe in and feel passionately about and I think that motivates our drive for excellence. And I think that is really cool."

What is the most important part of building a client relationship?

I think the most important part of building a client relationship is just being human. I know there is a way to be professional, but still be human. I try to let my clients know off the bat, that my job is to serve their account and I have their back if they need anything.

What problems are you solving with HeyOrca?

For us, we were living in piles of spreadsheets and taking a lot of time to build a spreadsheet for internal use and then getting them made into clean client-facing content calendars. It took a lot of time and resources. There was also more room for error in communication when our approval process with our clients was long, tedious, email chains. Now we create, share, and post all our content through HeyOrca. It was easy for our clients to learn and our team loves it.

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