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Social Media Planning
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Social Media Planning
November 7, 2022
The HeyOrca Brief November 7

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What's New in Social

Elon outlines new $8/month Twitter Blue Package

Elon Musk says that Twitter is planning to offer verification ticks, priority in replies, mentions and search, the ability to post longer videos, half as many ads and more for $8 a month.

Meta announces new creator monetization tools and more

These features include expanded monetization opportunities and new tools for the creation and sale of NFTs.

Instagram still won't create an iPad app

Adam Mosseri shot down users when asked if there was a possibility of an iPad app. Mosseri says, "It's still just not a big enough group of people to be a priority".

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Trending Audio

To get direct links to these songs and ideas of how you can use them, check out our trending audio blog post.

In Other News

Google shares new insights around consumer trends

Substack launches a chat service to better connect writers with readers

YouTube's Primetime Channels bring streaming movies & TV to the YouTube app

Social Media Captions for Remembrance Day/Veteran's Day

Posting for Remembrance / Veteran's Day but don't know what to say? Feel free to use one of these captions below ⬇

Caption 1: On Remembrance Day, we honor those who have served, their families and the brave men and women still serving.

Caption 2: We acknowledge the sacrifices that our veterans have made and honor their service to our country.

Caption 3: We remember those who fought for our freedom, and we will continue to fight for the freedoms that allow us to live in peace.

Caption 4: Today, and every day, we honor the lives lost to hate. We will always remember their courage, bravery and sacrifice.

Caption 5: Remembering a friend or loved one who’s no longer with us. Remember those who have fought for our freedom and the freedoms we enjoy today.

Social Holidays for the Month of November

November 1 – World Vegan Day / First Day of Movember / All Saints’ Day

November 2 – Day of the Dead / All Souls’ Day

November 5 – Bonfire Night (UK)

November 11 – Veteran’s Day / Remembrance Day / Singles’ Day

November 13 – World Kindness Day

November 17 – National Take a Hike Day (US)

November 19 – International Men’s Day

November 20 – Transgender Day of Remembrance

November 24 – Thanksgiving (US)

November 25 – Black Friday / Native American Heritage Day

November 26 – Small Business Saturday

November 27 – First Day of Advent

November 28 – Cyber Monday

November 29 -Giving Tuesday

Sync all of the social media holidays for the year with your Google Calendar by clicking here.

Upcoming Workshops

November 10 - TikTok features you may not know about - Register here

November 17 - How to set up your TikTok workflow (w guests) - Register here 

December 1 - How to involve your clients in video content - Register here

December 8 - 2023 Social Media Manager Role Predictions - Register here

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Social Media Planning

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