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The biggest Instagram updates from 2024: A social media manager’s guide to this year’s Instagram changes [updated monthly]
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The biggest Instagram updates from 2024: A social media manager’s guide to this year’s Instagram changes [updated monthly]

Social Media
July 3, 2024
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Carousels and reels and stories, oh my!

Find it hard to keep up with the latest Instagram news and platform updates in 2024?

Stop swimming (or scrolling) upstream. Because we've got your back! Every month, we collect the biggest Instagram headlines that every social media manager needs to know. And we post them right here for you!

Bookmark this page because you'll want to come back next month to catch up on even more Instagram news. 

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Okay, you ready? Let's dive into 2024's top Instagram headlines, month by month. 

What’s happening on Instagram in 2024?

Here are all the biggest Instagram headlines from 2024, all in one place.

Instagram news: June 2024

You can live stream to your Close Friends list on Instagram
This update might be fun for brands that want to share exclusive news with their biggest advocates.

Music has arrived for Instagram video carousel posts
Have you tried adding music to your video carousels on Instagram? Pretty cool!

New creator insights could help with partnerships
A new "Creator Insights" display could help brands see a snapshot of a creator's performance over the last 30 days.

Instagram ads in your friends' stories?
Have you noticed ads for "Super Rumble," a game from Meta's VR platform Horizon Worlds, popping up at the bottom of your friends' stories?

Cross-posting to WhatsApp from instagram
Want to cross-post your Instagram stories to WhatsApp? You may soon be able to!

Virtual pets are coming to Instagram?
It's giving Tamagotchi. And we love it tbh! Instagram is testing a digital pet; add your pet to your stories and watch it grow as people give your stories likes.

Forced to watch ads on Instagram?
They're calling it an "Ad Break."

New features for Instagram Broadcast Channels
Some of the updates include: the ability to go live, use custom themes, moderate emojis, and use QR codes.

New features for Instagram carousel posts
Now you can try adding text overlays for carousel posts.

Instagram's "limits" feature expands
Want to hide content from everyone except your Close Friends list? Now you can!

There's a new DM restriction feature courtesy of Meta Verified
If you're a Meta Verified Instagram user, you can limit your DM requests to other verified users only.

Instagram news: May 2024

Instagram post shares are now a key driver of reach
In a recent Q&A, Instagram Head Adam Mosseri said that the number of shares a post has impacts reach more than comment count or watch time.

Instagram tests new Stories highlight
Instagram is testing a "Lately" story highlight. When this option is turned on, the highlight will save your stories from the past 7 days for your followers to view.

Longer reels may be hurting your reach
At a Creator event in NYC, Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri said that reels longer than 90 seconds will hurt its distribution. This is very interesting since Instagram keeps increasing reel length times. 🤔

Instagram expands access to the Creator Marketplace
Creator Marketplace has expanded into South Korea, Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Israel, Turkey, Mexico, Argentina, and Indonesia. 

Instagram working on new "Peek" feature
Instagram is creating a feature called "Peek" that will allow users to share a quick, unedited photo of themselves with friends. Sound verrrry familiar. *cough* BeReal *cough*

Instagram launches an interview series with creators
Adam Mosseri will be sitting down with Instagram creators to chat about the platform, their concerns, and their challenges. The first episode has been released with creator Ezee.

Instagram tests notes on feed posts and Reels
You may have noticed this test on your account! Instagram is testing the ability for users to leave notes on their friends' content and the poster can respond. The note will disappear after 3 days.

Instagram adds four new stickers
You may have noticed some new interactive stickers within Stories! These new stickers include Add Yours Music, Frames, Reveal, and Cutouts.

Instagram to Threads cross-posting coming soon
A global test has launched and some Instagram users are now able to switch on IG cross-posting with Threads. This can be activated for individual or all posts. This option is only for image posts, not Reels at the moment.

Did you lose a chunk of followers on Instagram?
If you were one of the accounts that noticed you lost a bunch of followers this month, don't worry. It was an Instagram glitch! 

What will Instagram's AI chatbot look like?
Meta's AI Studio will allow people to create private and public bots with duties such as personal shopping, trip-planning, meme generation, and more.

Instagram tests "clear mode"
Instagram is testing a new feature that will allow you to hide all of the Reels UI and descriptions so that you can focus on the video content.

Instagram news: April 2024 

Instagram is changing its algorithm . . . again!
Instagram is introducing 4 changes:

  • An algorithm update to boost reach of smaller creators
  • Replacing reposts with original content in recommendations
  • Adding labels to reposted content and linking back to the original creator
  • Removing content aggregators from recommendations

Instagram is adding a new feature to channels
Instagram is currently testing a feature that would allow in-channel photo contests. This would be a great way to activate your community members!

Instagram is testing new "Blend" feature
The Blend feature will allow you to blend your Reels algorithm to create a private feed for you and your friends. 

Head of Instagram touches on follower count
Adam Mosseri confirms on Threads that follower count matters less than views and likes.

Instagram simplifies hashtag search and discovery
Adam Mosseri posted that now when you tap on a hashtag, you'll see the search results for that specific hashtag. With this update, you'll still be able to follow, unfollow, or report hashtags.

New test for Instagram carousel posts
Instagram is testing the ability to mention a certain photo or video within a carousel in your comment. Some users may have access to this feature already.

No more Flipside
Well, that didn't last long. Instagram users may have noticed a pop-up that states the feature will be going away on May 24. Your photos and videos posted there will be archived.

Instagram news: March 2024 

Instagram ads get a new friend: promo codes!
Now, you can add a promo code to you Instagram ads! Will your brand try this feature out?

Instagram Reels . . . but make them loooonger
3-minute-long reels? Yes, the moment has finally arrived (for some Instagram users, at least). 

Send files via Instagram DMs
A new Instagram experiment is in the works! The app is testing the ability to add files to your DMs. Can you see yourself using this feature?

Carousel image count is going up, uP, UP!
Can’t choose just 10 images to add to your Instagram carousel post? The app is currently testing carousels with 15 photos.

Instagram says, “Sure, you can edit DMs!”
Have you ever wanted to edit a DM after you’ve sent it? We’ve all been there. With Instagram’s new update, you can edit your DMs within 15 minutes of sending! Plus, you can pin your chats and reply to messages with voice notes.

Instagram news: February 2024 

Instagram Stories gets a new backdrop sticker update
It’s an AI-powered feature that will replace the background of your story images. Are you seeing this update on our account yet? It’s being (slowly) rolled out as we speak . . . 

A Friend Map may be coming to Instagram
Is tracking your friends on your to-do list? You may be in luck. Instagram is testing a new map feature that would show you where your friends are. What do you think about this update?

Instagram may bring in a new engagement tool for live streams
If you live stream on Instagram, listen up. The app is testing out something new for live stream engagement: games!

Instagram introduces a video cut-out option for stickers
Last month, Instagram announced that you can make stickers out of your still images. Now, the app has turned things up a notch. You can create GIF-like videos that function as stickers.

Instagram may introduce a grid preview?
The app is currently testing a grid view, which would allow you to preview how photos or carousels will look in your feed before posting. (Shameless plug: You can already preview your IG grid when you schedule your social posts in HeyOrca!)

Bye-bye, read receipts!
Want to turn off your Instagram read receipts? Go to Privacy & Security settings in the Instagram app.

Instagram news: January 2024 

Instagram *flips* things around with this new feature
It’s kind of like Close Friends. Instagram is testing a new feature called Flipside that lets users create an alternative Instagram profile that only select users can see. 

Cancel an in-progress Instagram Story upload
You’ll love this update if you’ve ever thought, “Oops, I didn’t mean to post that story!”

Public collections is Instagram’s latest experiment
Want to create public collections on your Instagram profile? You may soon be able to!

New custom Add Yours templates come to Instagram
This update might help your Instagram engagement! The app now lets you create your own Add Yours templates for Stories.


That’s a wrap on Instagram news . . . until next month, of course. We update this resource monthly, so come back soon to discover even more Instagram news from 2024.

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