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Content Strategy
2022 Newsletter Trends
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2022 Newsletter Trends

Content Strategy
July 22, 2022

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Newsletters have been taking 2022 by storm. Brands have always implemented some form of email marketing into their strategies, but Creators have been jumping on the newsletter train, too!

If you haven’t been convinced to create a newsletter, here are some statistics that may help:

  • Smartphone users prefer to receive brand communications through email
  • There are 4 billion daily email users
  • 77% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement over the last 12 months
  • 50% of people buy from marketing emails at least once a month

We researched what is trending this year in the newsletter scene so that you don’t have to! Take a look at the trends and email platforms below and start creating your newsletter today.

5 Newsletter Trends in 2022

1. Create content that really matters

The most important part of your newsletter is the content. You want your readers to open your email and quickly learn something new that’s relevant to their interests. If the content doesn’t resonate with them they will either unsubscribe or stop opening your emails going forward.

The best way to make sure your content is helpful for your readers would be to:

  • Analyze what past newsletters performed well and see what content was used
  • Create a content survey for your audience that allows them to tell you what content they want to see. This is super helpful for content creation.
  • See what content has performed well on your blog and/or website
  • Analyze your audience and do market research

Helpful, relevant content is key!

2. Micro Segments

A trend that has been really popular this year is creating micro-segments. This allows you to get specific with your content and send it to a smaller, more engaged audience.

A great example of this is our newsletter! We have 3 different segments that go out each week:

  • The Weekly Brief (social news & trending audio)
  • The Weekly Workshop (upcoming workshops & recording of past workshops)
  • The Weekly Free Resource (free resource, tactical content, memes)

When our readers sign up for our newsletter they will receive all 3, but through time they can decide which ones are most relevant to them and can unsubscribe from the ones that aren’t helpful for them. This process allows us to have a positive open rate for each email since the audience has become condensed and more specific.

3. Interactive Email Content

Who doesn’t love an interactive piece to anything? It makes your experience more engaging and memorable. The Daily Carnage does a great job of engaging its readers in its newsletter.

They have a section where the readers can participate in a poll. The question is different every day and you can click on your answer to see the results. It’s a great way to get people engaged but also on to your website.

You can also take your data from your poll and create more content such as social posts!

4. Clean & Simple Design

2022 is the year of simplicity when it comes to newsletters. Almost every newsletter I receive in my inbox has minimal colour and resembles a very clean and easy-to-read design. When there’s less colour and busy designs, your readers are more likely to actually scroll through the whole email. It’s less overwhelming!

The Marketing Dive does a great job of this. The newsletter is simple, clean and to the point. It allows you to quickly scan the email, find the areas you want to click into and learn something new.

5. Newsletter Advertising

With the rise of newsletters for brands and Creators, advertising within newsletters has become top of mind. Many newsletters will offer advertising spots within their newsletters for different companies to highlight a new product, service, etc.

The most beneficial thing about advertising your brand within a newsletter is that you are hitting high-quality leads quickly. If you find a newsletter that aligns with your audience, you have a better chance of attracting your ideal lead!

An example of this would be Rachel Karten's newsletter Link in Bio. Rachel has a newsletter advertisement at the beginning of her newsletter. This ad usually directly relates to whatever the topic of the newsletter is.

Implementing a newsletter into your content strategy is a great way to not only inform your audience but create a better community around your brand. If you're a social media marketer looking to subscribe to social media-based newsletters, check out our list here.

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