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Product Updates
Drive Traffic from Instagram with HeyOrca’s Bio Link 🔗 🚀
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Drive Traffic from Instagram with HeyOrca’s Bio Link 🔗 🚀

Product Updates
September 22, 2021

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Drive Traffic from Instagram with HeyOrca’s Bio Link 🔗 🚀

by Alyssa | Sep 22, 2021 | Product Updates, Social Media Planning, Social Media Strategy

Drive Traffic from Instagram with HeyOrca’s Bio Link 🔗 🚀

Let’s set the scene. You’re creating engaging and helpful Instagram content for your clients that highlight their incredible products or services, but you can’t link out to those incredible products or services. This is leaving the Instagram followers at a loss because they can’t easily explore the items you’re highlighting within the post.

That potential new customer can’t immediately check out an item or service, which leads to the loss of that potential customer. Your client will then be left feeling like their company isn’t getting the traffic they really need.

This problem could easily be solved if you had access to a Bio Link feature. This is where HeyOrca comes in to save the day.

Introducing Instagram Bio Link within HeyOrca! You are now able to schedule links straight to your Instagram bio. This is an addition to the Instagram grid preview and Instagram direct publishing feature we released recently, and we couldn’t be more excited.

HeyOrca Bio Link

Why does Bio Link matter for your clients?

Having a link in your client’s Instagram bio is key to driving more traffic to their product or services. With a click of a button, the customer can purchase a product, read a blog, or even book a meeting with you. Having a Bio Link within your Instagram profile is beneficial for your client’s growth since Instagram currently restricts putting clickable links within a post caption.

I think we all know that when it comes to social media users, we all have a very short attention span. If we see something that interests us, we want to be able to check it out right away. With Bio Link, you’ll be able to immediately click and access the link you are looking to explore.

Gone are the days when you only had room for one link within your Instagram bio! You can now house multiple links so that your potential customer can scroll through and find links from the past and current posts. It’s an information resource right at their fingertips!

Top links to use in your Bio Link

You have implemented the Bio Link feature for your client, but now you are wondering what links are best to have within your Bio Link. No problem, we got you!

The options are endless when it comes to what you can link out to, but it’s important to think about what your audience wants access to the most. Some examples of pages you could link out to include:

  • Website homepage
  • Blog page or link to specific blogs regarding helpful topics
  • Product page and/or specific products you are wanting to highlight
  • Book a demo or meeting link
  • Contact us page on your website

Linking relevant pages within your Bio Link will drive traffic to your website and will also make sure that your client’s audience is seeing exactly what you want them to see, quickly.

Standard vs. Pro

The best thing about our Bio Link feature is that everyone with a HeyOrca account will have access to it! There is a standard version, which every account with HeyOrca will have, and then there’s a paid pro version.

The standard version includes:

  • Adding a main CTA
  • Customize your main CTA
  • Schedule links

The pro version includes:

  • Multiple CTA options and custom colours
  • Customize the background colour of your link landing page

*Bio link Pro is an add-on purchase to your calendar. If you’re interested in trying this out or have any questions, please contact

It’s time to level up your Instagram game! Bio Link is here to help your clients (or yourself) get more traffic to the pages they want their viewers to see most.

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