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Social Media Planning
How to Incorporate More Video Content Into Your Social Calendar
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How to Incorporate More Video Content Into Your Social Calendar

Social Media Planning
August 17, 2022
How to incorporate more video content

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Recently, we hosted a workshop around incorporating more video content into your social calendars. We discussed our own personal experience with video, tips from our community, easy and quick video ideas and best practices.

To view this workshop, please watch the recording or you can read the highlights below 😀

Video has been top of mind so far this year and we don't think this trend is going away any time soon. With different social platforms making the shift to more video content, it's time to start thinking about easy ways to incorporate more videos without taking up too much of your time.

If you haven't been convinced to start adding more videos into your social calendars, check out the below:

✅ Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, said in a recent video, "I need to be honest. I do believe more and more of Instagram is going to be video over time"

✅ TikTok has over 1 billion (yes, 1 billion) monthly active users

✅ Instagram Reels receive 22% more engagement than other types of videos on Instagram

✅ People tend to share more video content with friends and family over photo content

Videos can feel super intimidating because we automatically think it's going to take more time and effort, but we're here to show you how you can easily incorporate more video content.

HeyOrca's experience with video

Something that's awesome about the social media industry is that we can all learn together at the same time. The social media community is incredibly helpful and full of advice when it comes to trying new trends.

At HeyOrca, we have decided to carve out time each week to create 1-2 videos to post. We are starting out small with video to see how long it takes, the performance and to not overwhelm our team. So far, here are some of our findings:

1️⃣ Since we are a fully remote team, it can be quite hard getting video content. Something we've learned is that it's important to take advantage of the time we have together in person. Carve out some time and film as many videos as you can. This way, you can slowly release the videos you have filmed over a month or so.

2️⃣ The shorter the video the better! We find that 30 seconds (or less) is the perfect length for video content. Social media has made us all have shorter attention spans, so shorter videos always win.

3️⃣ Incorporating trending audio is so important! When comparing video reach with videos that weren't using trending audio to videos that were, we found there was a noticeable difference.

Social media community tips & tricks

We spoke with our community about how they incorporate more video content and here are some of their best tips and tricks.

"I've been incorporating video into comms and social media strategies recently. I've made a point to have a video file that longer form for YouTube, then edit it down for Twitter, TikTok and Instagram. It also allows me to pull audio for podcasts which is great!"

"One tip I can share is to use a separate app to edit your Reels so you can create your own schedule and remove the possibility of losing your sometimes they spontaneously disappear from Instagram! Pro tip - screen record Reels from Instagram to use the sound when you edit in a different app"

Tip - check out our recent blog that highlights our favourite third-party video editing apps!

"I definitely recommend checking out It's a cool app that saves all your brand's tagged UGC on Instagram and TikTok and makes it super easy to request usage rights. If you need more animated/educational style videos, Fiverr can be very cost-effective"

"We have an Instagram Stories, Reels & TikTok publishing calendar. Whenever we publish a new episode, our video team creates a social clip that we can use to drive more visibility to the episode"

Easy video ideas

We have a detailed blog post on this topic here, but here are some of our favourite super simple ideas below!

🎬 Picture slideshow or moving word graphic

🎬 A day in the life

🎬 Highlight a new employee

🎬 Short video highlighting your favourite service or product your brand has

🎬 Mash together clips from a team event

🎬 Hop on the latest trend

🎬 Remix & collab

Video best practices

❌ Do not post Reels or TikToks with watermarks

❌ Do not use general hashtags like #Reels #Explorepage

✅ Always have cover text explaining what the video is

✅ The more authentic the better

✅ Save trending audio to your account so it's more accessible

✅ Voiceovers & closed captions are key

✅ Creating fun original audio can be a great way to get your account noticed

✅ Keep videos short and simple

✅ Make sure to voice what your video is about in the first few seconds

If you're starting to incorporate more video content, check out some of the below awesome free resources! 🥰

Instagram Analytics Report Template

TikTok Analytics Report Template

How to Use Instagram Reels (Step-by-Step Guide)

Trending Reels & TikTok Audio 2022 (an ongoing list)

Now, get filming! 🎥 😀

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