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Influencer Marketing Campaigns You Wish Were Yours
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Influencer Marketing Campaigns You Wish Were Yours

Social Media Planning
January 9, 2017

Influencer marketing is all the rage these days, but what makes this style of brand promotion so appealing? We'll take a look at some of the most successful campaigns to find out what makes successful influencer marketing campaigns and why.

What even is influencer marketing?

By using powerful individual voices to spread awareness of a brand, influencer marketing bypasses the traditional marketing channels. It means that persuasive voices can be harnessed to get a brand message across to its target market. A well-thought-out influencer marketing campaign does this in an engaging, relatable way without feeling fake or over-sold. Given a clever choice of a figurehead and a campaign concept with immediate appeal, this kind of content can work wonders for the public profile of the brand involved. Lets take a look at five recent influencer marketing campaigns, examining what they involved and why they worked.Related Article: Social Media Influencers to Follow on Twitte.

Nick Offerman's Yule Log

With the aim of getting single-malt whisky to appeal to a hip young audience, Scotland's Lagavulin distillery employed the cult American comedian Nick Offerman, star of the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation. The decision to lead the campaign with a 45-minute clip of Offerman in front of a roaring fire silently drinking whisky was a unique and quirky idea that appealed to viewers senseof humour, as well as serving as an atmospheric backdrop to their festive celebrations.


Often the success of a luxury brand is cemented by the names associated with it, which is why e-commerce retailer Revolve launched a series of campaigns in which it sent chic brand ambassadors to destinations such as The Hamptons and Coachella to look fabulous in its latest designs. The result was, of course, an instant Instagram hit.

NBC & Buzzfeed

To boost its profile amongst the young during the Olympics, the American broadcasting network NBC enlisted social-media powerhouse Buzzfeed to produce content related to the games, starring viral sensations including Amanda Cerny and The Fine Brothers, pulling in their social sway to reach a new generation of viewers.


In a campaign aimed at bringing hipness to this long-established high-street fashion brand, Gap invited Instagram fashion influencers to style Gap pieces their own way and had them artfully photographed in locations that complimented their personalities. The resulting campaign was destined to appeal to followers of the personalities involved.

Birchbox - Cupcakes & Cashmere

A more invented version of the 'curated content' concept comes from subscription-based beauty retailer Birchbox, which invited lifestyle blogger Emily Schuman of Cupcakes & Cashmere to style its product in luxurious ways. The resulting content was both original and engaging, successfully introducing this product to a whole new market.

The big picture

By employing personalities with realcultural sway to bring a product to its intended market, influencer marketing does a very successful job of getting the message across without the off-putting feel of traditional product advertisements. A clever pairing of brand and influencercan lead to a marketing campaign that feels like a natural fit and boosts the reputations of both parties involved.

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