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Product Updates
New Feature: Create, Review, & Approve Posts Faster with Post Switching in HeyOrca
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New Feature: Create, Review, & Approve Posts Faster with Post Switching in HeyOrca

Product Updates
January 21, 2021
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At HeyOrca, we are always looking for ways to help social media managers save time and get their jobs done faster.

We are excited to introduce the Post Switching feature - a faster way to create, review, and approve social media posts in your HeyOrca calendar! 🚀

This small, but mighty, feature update allows you and your clients to switch between social posts by clicking the left and right arrows on your post or by pressing the arrow keys on your keyboard.
👈 👉

HeyOrca Post Switching GIF example

This update will save you time on:

  • Post creation - quickly flip back and forth between posts when creating or editing them
  • Post reviews - you, your clients, and other stakeholders can quickly navigate between multiple posts and leave feedback
  • Post approvals - when your client or manager is done reviewing the posts, they can easily switch between each post and approve them or approve them as they go

As someone who schedules and approves posts on a daily basis, I absolutely ❤️ this feature and I'm sure you and your clients will too...

Just check out my pure, unfiltered shout-out to the dev team below 🤣

Datis Post Switching Feature Reaction Screenshot

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Product Updates

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