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Social Media Planning
New Feature: Edit & Share Instagram Grid Previews in HeyOrca
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New Feature: Edit & Share Instagram Grid Previews in HeyOrca

Social Media Planning
September 28, 2020
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Finally - an Instagram Grid Preview that you can edit and share with your clients! Preview how planned Instagram posts in HeyOrca would look on your clients' profile so that you can showcase and deliver a stylish, on-brand Instagram Grid.When it comes to a visual platform like Instagram, style matters. But, planning and scheduling posts that are on-brand and visually pleasing in Instagram is hard. Not to mention how difficult it is to communicate your brand vision to clients.That is, until now. We've heard your feedback and we're excited to introduce the Instagram Grid Preview feature in HeyOrca!

HeyOrca's Instagram Grid Preview feature will allow you to:

  • See exactly how your planned and scheduled posts will look on your client's Instagram Grid
  • Drag and drop posts to change the order of planned posts and deliver the perfect layout
  • Use filters to preview how upcoming posts will look like on the grid based on the posts' approval stages
  • See when posts are scheduled to be published from a visual view
  • Create and share a link of your Instagram Grid Preview to your clients
  • Clients will see exactly how planned posts will appear on their profile and can provide feedback or approve posts

How is HeyOrca's Grid Preview different from others:

Unlike Later, Planoly, and other social media management platforms, HeyOrca's Instagram Grid Preview allows you to:

  • Filter planned posts in the preview by approval stages
  • Share the grid preview with clients for feedback and approvals

Here's How it Works:

  1. Plan and schedule posts as you normally would in a client's HeyOrca calendar
  2. Click on "Grid" at the top of the page (next to month & day views)
How to Access Instagram Grid View
  1. On the right-hand-side, you can filter upcoming posts by using the toggles to see posts by their approval stage - draft, approved, and awaiting approval.
filtering Instagram Grid Preview HeyOrca
  1. Below the filters, you'll see a list view of the posts which displays: The date that each post is scheduled to go live and a colored bar that represents the approval status of the post.
  2. Grey = Draft
  3. Yellow = Awaiting approval
  4. Green = Approved
Color Coding in Instagram Grid Preview
  1. On the left-hand-side, you'll see the posts exactly as they will appear on your client's Instagram Grid
  2. From both views, you can drag and drop posts to reorder them and create a more aesthetically pleasing Instagram Grid
Instagram Grid Preview Drag and Drop reorder
  1. Once you've finished creating the perfect aesthetic, click the share button in the top-right corner of your screen to generate a shareable link for your client directly from the app
  2. You can set an optional password or just copy the link and share it to your client through whatever platform you'd like
Sharing Instagram Grid Preview

What Customers Are Saying About HeyOrca's Instagram Grid Preview Feature:

Before launching this feature to the masses, we tested it with a group of HeyOrca beta users. Here's what a couple of them had to say:

"Its been great using the Instagram Grid view! I love it already. Its been so easy to navigate!"

Ani from 3rdThird Marketing

"I'm loving this grid feature! It's been really helpful for us to make sure we're pacing out our brand styles and colors from a grid view."

Lydia from Hyperquake

We hope that your are as excited as we are about Instagram Grid Preview and that we can help you improve your client collaboration process even more with this new feature!

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Social Media Planning

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