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Content Strategy
Creative AI prompts for social media managers
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Creative AI prompts for social media managers

Content Strategy
April 2, 2024
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Trying to come up with engaging social post ideas . . . but find yourself staring at a blank screen? Don't sweat it. Every social media manager has been hit with writer's block at one point or another. And lucky for you, there's a simple fix: artificial intelligence (AI). 

AI can be a social media manager's secret weapon for speeding up content creation, boosting engagement, and generating more reach on social media. There's just one thing to keep in mind: AI's output is only as good as your input. In other words, if you want to use AI to create high-quality content, you should have a list of strong AI prompts in your social media management toolkit! 

Ready to tap into the power of AI for social media marketing? In this blog post, we cover tons of effective AI prompts that social media managers can use to create engaging content faster. 

What makes a good AI prompt for social media posts?

Before we dive right into the list of AI prompts for social media, let's take a look at what makes a good AI prompt. We asked HeyOrca’s resident AI expert, Mark Tobin, what you should keep in mind when you’re using AI to create content. Here are some things to consider:

  • Keep it simple: Avoid long, intricate AI prompts. Instead, your prompts should be short and easy to understand. If you want to use AI to solve a complex problem or deliver an elaborate response, break the task down into small steps and input each step individually.
  • Provide context: To avoid generic responses, give AI all the necessary background information it needs to craft an on-brand social media post. Your AI prompt should include your goal, target audience, and brand tone. Reminder: To maintain your safety and that of your brand, don't share any private or personal information with AI. 
  • Include examples: Sometimes, AI needs a little inspiration too. So provide some examples of posts that have performed well for you in the past or posts from other brands that you want to emulate. When you write your prompt, include a sentence like this: “Mimic the structure and tone of this example post: [copy and paste example]” 
  • Ask for an action: Tell AI exactly what you want it to do. Maybe it’s “Brainstorm a list of 10 headlines for the following social media ad . . .” or “Write a TikTok hook for my video about [topic].” After AI generates a response, explore new ways to approach your request by telling AI to show its work or “think step by step.”
  • Edit your prompts: If AI generates a social media post that misses the mark, ask it to try again using a different tone, format, or angle. Also keep in mind that AI is not very good at telling the truth. So it's up to you to edit the output and double-check for accuracy before you schedule your post to publish.
  • Use built-in AI tools: This step is optional (but highly encouraged if you want to speed up content creation!). Using a social media scheduler with built-in AI tools – like HeyOrca’s AI Reply, AI Caption Generator, and AI Alt Text Suggestions – will help you build community more efficiently.

Prompts for AI-generated social media posts

Here’s our list of AI prompts that you can use to create posts for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X (Twitter), and TikTok. Just copy and paste the prompts and replace the fields with your own relevant input to generate engaging, on-brand posts.

AI prompts for educational social posts

Yes, you can use AI-generated content to build trust with your audience. Use these prompts to create educational content.

  • “You are a world-class [job title]. As a [job title], identify five benefits of [topic] that you can share on Facebook to educate your audience. Use positive language to inspire your followers.”
  • “Craft a LinkedIn post that answers this frequently asked question: [question]”
  • "Draft a script for a TikTok video that demonstrates a quick tip or hack related to [topic]. Keep it fun and engaging for your audience."
  • “Write a friendly social media post that dispels this common misconception: [sales objection]”
  • “You are an expert in [topic]. Draft an Instagram post that communicates three things your audience should do before they [topic].”
  • “Create a how-to post for LinkedIn that illustrates how easy it is for new customers to use our [product or service] to achieve [core desire].”

AI prompts for social media holidays 

Celebrating upcoming social media holidays is a great way to engage with your community. Use these AI prompts to inspire your posts. 

  • “Brainstorm a list of [holiday]-themed puns that you can use in social media posts to celebrate the holiday.”
  • “You are a social media manager for [company]. Write a Facebook post that asks your community what they are doing to celebrate [holiday]. Encourage them to share their response as a comment.”
  • "Draft a LinkedIn poll asking your audience about their favourite [holiday] traditions."
  • "Write copy for an engaging Instagram story series featuring holiday-themed trivia or quizzes, inviting your audience to participate and test their knowledge about [holiday]."
  • “[Holiday] is next week. Please brainstorm a list of 10 Instagram caption ideas that [company name] can use to mark the holiday.”

AI prompts for company-related social posts 

Looking for content ideas that will shed some light on your company and culture? Try these easy AI prompts.

  • “Generate a caption for a social media video that shows a day in the life at [company name].” 
  • “Write a congratulatory Facebook post to celebrate [employee name]’s recent [work anniversary or accomplishment]. Make sure to provide a sincere acknowledgment of their contributions and express appreciation for their hard work.”
  • “You are a social media manager who wants to share the following company testimonial on Facebook: [testimonial]. Craft a Facebook post that highlights how the [product or service] made a difference in the customer’s life.”
  • “Generate an Instagram post that communicates the importance of [company values].”
  • “Develop a TikTok video script that shares the following fun facts about our company: [facts]. Make the script between 800–1,300 characters. Use a friendly tone.” 

AI prompts for community-focused social posts 

These AI prompts will help you create posts that connect with your community and drive engagement.

  • "Write a lighthearted Facebook post inviting your followers to share their own experiences or opinions on [current trend or topic].”
  • “Brainstorm a list of motivational statements related to [topic] that can be used as Instagram captions.”
  • "Craft a short and snappy tweet that poses a thought-provoking question related to [topic], encouraging your followers to reply with their answers."
  • “Draft copy for a social media poll that encourages readers to vote on [poll topic]. Provide four options as answers.”
  • “Pretend you’re a social media manager for [company name]. Write an Instagram caption that asks your community for feedback on what [product or service] the company should release next.”

AI prompts for promotional social posts 

Have an offer, product launch, or event to promote? Use these AI prompts to spread the word and build anticipation.

  • "Write a Facebook post announcing an upcoming event or webinar on [topic], highlighting key speakers or topics that will be covered."
  • “Announce a sale from the perspective of [company name]. Share the details of the sale, including the products or services that are on sale, the discount or promotion, and the duration of the sale. Encourage followers to take advantage of the sale and share the post with their friends and family. Include a CTA to visit the company's website or physical store to make a purchase.”
  • “Generate high-energy copy for a tweet that reminds followers about [company name]’s event happening today. Include the following event details: [event details].”
  • "Craft a series of Instagram stories featuring sneak peeks related to [company name]’s upcoming [product launch or event]. The goal of the posts is to build anticipation and excitement among your audience."
  • “Brainstorm a list of attention-grabbing CTAs that can be used in social media posts to encourage readers to [action].” 


AI can help social media managers create engaging content faster. And these creative AI prompts will help you get started! To get more social media management resources delivered right to your inbox, subscribe to our daily newsletter, the HeyOrca Brief.

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