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Product Updates
Finally, manage all your social media comments in one place!
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Finally, manage all your social media comments in one place!

Product Updates
March 30, 2023
HeyOrca launches new feature, Social Inbox!

We've got some exciting news for you! HeyOrca is proud to announce the launch of our highly anticipated Social Inbox feature!

With Social Inbox, you can finally take back more of your day by managing all your Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram comments in one place. No more wasting time switching between accounts or trying to keep track of multiple comment threads.

Here are just a few of the things you can do with HeyOrca's new Social Inbox feature:

  • View and reply to Facebook, Linkedin & Instagram comments: Respond to all of your comments from one convenient location.
  • Hide or like Facebook comments: Quickly hide or like comments to keep your feed clean and relevant.
  • Filter your comments by social account: Organize your comments by account to keep things tidy.
  • Sort from newest to oldest/oldest to newest: Choose the sorting option that works best for you.
  • Resolve comments when you have actioned on them: Mark comments as resolved once you've taken care of them.
  • Filter to show or hide resolved comments: Keep your inbox clutter-free by hiding comments that have been resolved.
  • View an expanded preview of the post with the relevant thread for more context: Get a better understanding of the context of the comment by viewing the post and relevant thread.
  • View a thumbnail of the post preview for context at a glance: Quickly see what post the comment is referring to with the thumbnail preview.

With HeyOrca's Social Inbox feature, you can streamline your social media management and save time by managing all of your Facebook and Instagram comments in one place. No more bouncing back and forth between accounts or struggling to keep up with multiple comment threads.

The Social Inbox feature is available on our Pro plan, contact if you would like to trial this new feature.
Check out our roadmap portal here, to see what is coming down the pipeline

Product Updates

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