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Social Media News
The top social media updates from March 2024
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The top social media updates from March 2024

Social Media News
March 28, 2024
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Wondering what happened on social media last month? We’ve got your back! Every month, we gather a list of the biggest social media headlines and platform updates. So you don’t have to go searching the seas for the latest social media news. 

Use these insights to inform your social media strategy, wow your clients, and impress your team with your up-to-date social media knowledge! Here’s a roundup of what’s new in the social media marketing industry. 

What happened in the social media industry in March 2024?

In no particular order, here are the biggest updates from Meta, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more

The biggest updates from Meta (Facebook, Instagram, Threads) in March 2024

Instagram launches ads with promo codes

If your brand is using Instagram ads, you can now add a promo code to your content.

Instagram Reels are getting longer

The moment has come! Some Instagram users may now have access to 3-minute-long reels.

Instagram is testing a new DM feature

Instagram's latest experiment is the ability to add files to DMs.

Instagram tests new image count for carousels

Instagram is currently testing the ability to have 15 photos within a carousel post instead of 10. Is 15 too many?

New updates to Instagram DMs

Instagram announced that you can now edit your DMs within 15 minutes of sending, pin your chats, and reply to messages with voice notes.

Threads releases trending topics 

All US users now have access to the latest Threads feature, trending topics! Now you can easily see what other users are talking about most through the app.

Are pokes back on Facebook?

Facebook has reinstated and revoked pokes multiple times. But users are now noticing the feature is back! Do you have this option on your account?

Meta's considering adding more features to Meta Verified

Meta is looking for ways to capture more attention for Meta Verified and a few features they are considering adding include links within Reels, better access to customer support, and faster ad reviews.

The biggest updates from X (Twitter) in March 2024

No more like counts on X

Elon Musk confirmed last week that the app will soon be hiding like and retweet counts.

New article feature for premium X users

If you're a premium X user, you're now able to create articles directly from your profile.

The biggest updates from TikTok in March 2024

TikTok adds influencer audio to commercial sounds

TikTok has added a variety of influencer audio clips to its Sounds for Business library for advertisers to use.

TikTok will pay creators based on their search value

The new monetization structure within Creator Rewards includes an area on search value. This metric will be based on whether a creator is posting content that aligns with what users are searching on the app.

Longer content on TikTok is here to stay

TikTok announced that the Creator Program will now be Creator Rewards. Creators will now need to make a video longer than one minute to monetize through the program.

TikTok is testing a new photo-based app

TikTok is coming for Instagram! And not just for videos. A new photo-based app called TikTok Photos is currently in testing. 

TikTok's fate in the US

What's going to happen next? 😥 House lawmakers voted to pass a bill that would ban the app unless ByteDance sells it. If you're based in the US, are you worried about this update?

TikTok's back with another guide

TikTok has been releasing guide after guide! If your target audience is women, you should check out their newest how-to guide for reaching your female audience.

TikTok launches Creator Search Insights

Okay, this is cool! TikTok has launched special creator search insights that will source inspiration for your content so that your creative strategy aligns with your audience's interests. 

TikTok is testing a new iOS home screen widget

Looks like TikTok wants you to create more Stories! The widget will direct people directly to the Stories area of TikTok so that you can create content quickly.

The biggest updates from LinkedIn in March 2024

LinkedIn may be adding games to its platform

I'm not quite sure if LinkedIn is the platform I'd go to for gaming, but it may be happening! The app is currently working on incorporating games that will rank companies based on the scores of their employees.

LinkedIn expands Thought Leader Ads

LinkedIn is now expanding its Thought Leader Ad feature to now include sponsorship of content from any member – not just employees.

The biggest updates from YouTube in March 2024

YouTube adds a new AI-generated labelling tool

YouTube has launched an AI-generated label that the creator will have to put on their videos themselves. The checkbox will appear during the uploading process.

How to create compelling YouTube thumbnails

If you've ever wanted to know how MrBeast's team creates eye-catching thumbnails, you must check out this interview.

The biggest updates from Pinterest in March 2024

Pinterest rolls out body type filters

After being in testing for a few months, Pinterest launches its body type filter. This will allow users to choose what body type they'd like featured in the search results.

More social media news from February 2024

Substack now has direct messaging

Substack now offers private one-on-one direct messaging between readers and writers. What are your favourite Substack newsletters?

Google Search is testing a most-read article carousel

You may see this the next time you google something! Google is currently doing a test of a most-read article carousel that pulls in articles with high click-rates.

New report shows a decrease in TikTok engagement

A new report for Emplifi demonstrates that from 2022 to 2023, Instagram Reels saw more engagement than TikTok videos. Have you noticed that your video content gets more engagement on Instagram?


And just like that, you’re all caught up on the biggest social media headlines from March 2024. If you think your clients or team would be interested in these social media headlines, go ahead and steal our March 2024 social media roundup presentation. Make a copy, update the branding, and share away!

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