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4 reasons managers should encourage their team members to build a personal brand
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4 reasons managers should encourage their team members to build a personal brand

Agency Life
January 16, 2024
Personal branding for companies

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Consistent and value-focused personal branding can lead to professional opportunities, a glowing reputation, and an engaged audience. 

But the benefits of personal branding don’t end there. 

From team member retention to supporting your marketing funnel, here are 4 reasons companies and managers should encourage their team members to build out their personal brand.

1. Assist in your team’s professional growth

Personal branding encourages professional growth.

Your team member’s personal brand will likely centre around their profession. To establish credibility and provide value to an audience, your team member will have to stay up to date with trends, share insights, and engage with other professionals. 

You can expect a boost in self-confidence as your team member learns how to articulate achievements, provide expertise, and network.

Not only will this professional growth positively impact the success of your team member’s day-to-day work, but it will also foster long-term buy-in – 34% of employees are more likely to stay at a company when their professional goals are supported.

2. Increase your talent pool when hiring

Personal branding turns your team members into brand ambassadors. 

When they have well-established personal brands, it reflects positively on the company culture, attracting like-minded professionals who seek growth opportunities and a supportive work environment. 

Employees with strong personal brands can also support recruitment efforts by amplifying job postings, sharing company achievements, and positively representing the company on social platforms. 

3. Increase your reach and brand awareness

Personal branding increases company mentions, organic social traffic to your site, backlinks, and more.

In the past, companies have relied solely on official company social media pages to build awareness and reach new audiences. Personal branding, however, leverages the networks of your team members to expand your brand’s reach and visibility.

To clarify, the goal of personal branding is not to turn your employee’s personal social platforms into an echo chamber of your main account’s content. Instead, your team member should create content that resonates with their audience. More often than not, a connection between the company and the team member will appear naturally.

4. Build trust and authenticity

Personal branding adds a human element to a brand.

When individuals associated with a company have authentic and credible personal brands, it can increase trust and authenticity in the eyes of the audience.

Thought leadership is a typical outcome of personal branding. The insights and expertise of these thought leaders can also elevate the company’s reputation and authority within the industry.


Personal branding brings positive outcomes to everyone involved. Your team member has the opportunity to grow professionally. And the business reaps the benefits of amplified reach, trust, employee retention, and talent acquisition.

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