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30 FREE Canva social media templates to get you through every situation
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30 FREE Canva social media templates to get you through every situation

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March 14, 2024
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Canva social media templates. They’re a social media manager’s trusty sidekick for creating polished designs, fast!

But with so many Canva templates out there, searching for the best ones can be time-consuming. That’s why we’ve created a list of 30 Canva social media templates to get you through every situation – from pitching new potential clients to crafting engagement-worthy posts.

Use these templates while you’re creating Canva designs in HeyOrca. Or simply explore the list to inspire your next great content idea. The best part? Every template on the list is either completely free or free with a Canva Pro account. So you don’t have to pay extra to source custom templates from third parties.

Without further ado, let’s dive into our 30 favourite Canva social media templates.

Free Canva social media templates to pitch new clients 

The key to wowing new clients? A perfectly presentable pitch! Here are the Canva templates that will help you expand your client roster.

1. Project proposal social media template

This project proposal template by Hop is professional and bright. Customize it to clearly communicate your offer, content strategy, and pricing packages. Then email it to the new potential client you’ve been chatting with!

2. Social media manager portfolio template

If you want to take your social media management career to the next level, you’ll want to create a strong creative portfolio. Amit Debnath makes it easy to do just that with this stunning template.

A minimalist home office workspace with an infographic overlay showing statistics such as followers, sales, product design, and job event numbers. The desk has a laptop, lamp, notebook, and decorative items against a neutral background.
An excerpt from Amit Debnath's portfolio template.

3. Marketing services pitch deck

Meeting with a client to see if you’re a good fit for each other? This marketing services pitch deck template by Olmos Carlos will help you feel confident when you hit “Share Screen.”

Free Canva social media templates for memes 

Want to entertain your community with trending content? Use these meme templates to create posts that get engagement (and maybe even a few giggles!).  

4. Award show memes

This 5-page Canva social media template will help you capitalize on the most memeable moments from the latest awards show. Shoutout to HeyOrca’s social media community manager, Qetsiyah, for putting this template together. 

Two individuals engaged in a conversation at an event, with speech bubbles saying "Social media managers" and "Quick approvals" on a stylized pastel border.
An excerpt from HeyOrca's award show meme template.

5. Meetings and deadlines meme

Memes don’t have to all be about pop culture! If you don’t want to use photos of celebrities, use stock photos to create industry-relevant memes. Try this Canva template from Andrew Pixel to get started. (This template gets bonus points for inducing a cute photo of penguins!) 

6. Certificate of Achievement Award meme

Sometimes you don’t even need a photo to make a meme. This Canva social media template from The Template Tribe gives you everything you need to dream up a funny, on-trend award.   

Free Canva social media templates for testimonials 

If client testimonials and customer reviews are part of your social media content strategy, try using these creative Canva templates. 

7. Instagram Story testimonial template

Looking for a credibility-boosting story idea? Share three testimonials at once with this minimalist Canva social media template from Cristina Gonzalez. 

8. Instagram Reel testimonial template

This Canva template by Webronika is great for showcasing a particularly glowing text exchange or DM conversation you’ve had with a client. Just remember to ask for permission before you share private messages.

9. Testimonial template for hospitality brands

Managing social media for a client in the hospitality industry? Meet your new go-to testimonial template by Novative. It has a spot for everything you need: text, a logo, a star rating, a client photo, AND a stunning photo of the venue.

Elegant resort room with a plush bed and direct pool access, accompanied by a guest review praising the view, cleanliness, and comfort.
Novative's Canva social media template for hospitality industry testimonials.

Free Canva social media templates for infographics 

Whip out these creative Canva templates when you want to help your community understand key information about your brand or industry.

10. Data on display template

Have survey findings, research studies, or campaign results to share? Dive into the data with this Canva template from Fazzi Studio. 

Green background with pink squares depicting a timeline, map, pie chart, bar chart, and other graphics.
Fazzi Studio's Canva infographic template.

11. Chronological order Canva template

If you want to teach your community about the history of your brand or client, try this colourful timeline infographic template from Freya Saad. 

12. Comparison infographic template

Need to clear up common industry misconceptions? Want to display a pros-and-cons list? Use this “Do’s and Don’ts” template from Barakka.

Free Canva social media templates for carousels 

Short-form videos are certainly having their moment, but carousel posts still bring in lots of engagement on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Use these Canva templates to fill your content calendar with more carousel posts.

13. LinkedIn carousel Canva template

If you want to stand out on LinkedIn, go bold with this modern minimalist carousel template created by warrior design. Use it to share four value-packed tips with your community. 

14. Instagram carousel Canva template

“I can’t choose my favourite product photo. They’re all so good!” If that sounds like you, try this photo collage template from With Faith & Love. It includes no text, but it still speaks volumes.  

15. Personal branding carousel template 

Looking for a Canva carousel template that will help you build your personal brand? Try this simple design by Take Care Creative. It provides a perfect prompt for sharing authentic insight with your community.

Light background with text overlay: "Things I wish I knew before becoming a real estate agent."
Canva social media template designed by Take Care Creative.

Free Canva social media templates for videos 

Get creative with these easy-to-use Canva templates for social media videos.

16. Social media holidays Reel template

Celebrating social media holidays in 2024? Use this template from Thrive Collective Shop to mark the occasion. It’s currently designed for National Bagel Day (yum!), but you can replace the image and text to suit any holiday. Pro tip: Check out our blog post for a complete list of upcoming social media holidays

17. Instagram Story podcast template

Want to pique your community’s interest in your newest podcast episode? Try this animated podcast template designed by d’boro creative studios. You don’t need any video clips to make it work! 

18. Facebook video template

Turn your motivational quotes up a notch. This simple template by Power of Victory will help you draw attention and spark engagement.

Psst! Want to use the latest trends in your TikToks and Reels? Every week, we put together a list of the most popular audio and gather trending CapCut video templates!

Free Canva social media templates for “boring” industries 

Looking for fresh content ideas to promote your “boring” brand or client? Start with these simple Canva templates. (Then check out our list of more content ideas for “boring” industries.)

19. “Did you know?” Canva template

Boring industries tend to have some pretty interesting facts! Share a little-known industry fact with your community by using this “Did you know?” Canva template from Design Space.

20. FAQ social media post template

Your community has questions. And you have answers! Highlight your FAQs with this Canva template designed by Diana Muñoz.

Woman meditating on a white couch with a semi-transparent FAQ text box overlay containing placeholder text
Diana Muñoz's Canva FAQ template.

21. Service menu Canva template

Use this minimalistic template by Yuliia Frost Studio to educate your target audience about what services you offer.

Free Canva social media templates to showcase company culture 

Show your appreciation for your team – and give your community an inside look at your company culture – with these Canva social media templates.

22. “Day in the life” TikTok template

Take your community behind the scenes with this TikTok video template from Canva Creative Studio. It’s eye-catching, on-trend, and easy to customize!   

23. “Meet the team” video template

Tired of posting the same old “meet the team” content? Take a look at this creative Reel template from Dedoci Studio. You’ll need three quick video clips and some short snippets of copy to make it work.

24. Team-building day photo collage template

If you’re looking for a creative way to show off all the pictures you took during your company’s latest team outing, try this template from Aleksandra Chubar. You can even add fun descriptions under each photo. 

Free Canva social media templates for your next big launch 

Fantastic news calls for equally as fantastic graphics. Try these templates the next time you want to promote a sale, event, or new offer.

25. “Coming soon” Canva template

Tease your big announcement with this Instagram Story template designed by Irina Trigubova. Pro tip: Include a link to your website or landing page using an Instagram sticker. 

26. Guest speaker announcement template

Speaking at a conference, appearing on a podcast, or presenting a webinar? This eye-catching Reels template by Daily Creative will ensure the spotlight’s on you. 

27. Instagram product launch template

Sometimes simple works best! Use this Instagram feed post template by Opening Gate to let your community know about your latest product launch or sale.

Promotional image featuring two women in stylish attire against a cloudy sky background, with the text "new product" overlaid across the center and a social media interface from "Frodel and Spies" displaying likes and a handle "@reallygreatsite"
Opening Gate's Canva social media announcement template.

Free Canva social media templates to build your community 

Last but not least is our favourite topic: community! These Canva templates will help you boost engagement and forge authentic connections.

28. “This or That” Instagram Story template

Pair Fannan Studio’s “This or That” template with an Instagram Story sticker. This tried-and-true content idea offers your community an easy (and fun!) way to interact with your brand.

Yellow background with "This or That?" question comparing two products, sunscreen and sunblock, depicted with stylized images of orange and yellow bottles against a beach backdrop with sand and ocean.
Fannan Studio’s "This or That" Instagram Story template.

29. “Ask me anything” Instagram Story template

Host an “ask me anything” (AMA) session with a member of your team. This content idea will help you position your team member as an industry expert. And it will ensure your community gets answers to all of their burning questions! Klikinesia’s template is a great choice because it includes space for your Instagram question sticker.

30. How-to tutorial video template

Give your community a value-packed tutorial video with this Canva template from Aelina Design. It’s currently set up to show step-by-step instructions for making avocado toast – just update the video clips and copy to create a tutorial that makes sense for your industry. 


Phew! You’ve reached the end of our list of 30 free Canva social media templates that will help you get through every situation. Use these templates to create engaging memes, presentations, carousels, and more. And if you’re looking for additional free resources and industry insights, subscribe to our daily newsletter, the HeyOrca Brief.

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