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Content Strategy
8 social media content ideas you can use in a “boring” industry
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8 social media content ideas you can use in a “boring” industry

Content Strategy
April 8, 2024
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Managing social media in a “boring” industry? Depending on your brand and audience, you may not be able to post your most out-of-the-box content ideas. But here’s some good news: you can still craft high-quality posts that drive engagement, build community, and increase brand awareness!

To help you do just that, we joined forces with two powerhouse social pros: Elena Manukyan, Founder of Socially Legal, and Elizabeth Hendry, Head of Social Media at Attwells Solicitors. 

Together, we're bringing you 8 creative social media content ideas that you can use to boost engagement in a "boring" industry. Let's get into it!

8 engaging social post ideas for “boring” industries

Working in a “boring” industry doesn’t mean your social content has to be boring. Use these ideas to stay on trend and on brand. 

1. The FAQ video 

Most businesses have a long list of frequently asked questions. So use them to your advantage! Pick 1–3 questions and answer them in a video. Educating your audience is a tried-and-true way to build trust.

2. Meet the team

If you manage a company page on LinkedIn, create a carousel to introduce the team. Share an interesting fact about each person. Or take advantage of social media holidays like #NationalLoveYourPetDay by posting a carousel of the team's beloved pets. 

3. Did you know?

Sometimes, the goal of social media is simply to entertain. So bake entertaining posts into your content strategy. If you have a fun industry-related fact up your sleeve, create a video about it! 

And on the days you're feeling a little more serious, you can still use this content idea. Simply post about something you wish people knew about your industry that they typically don't know. 

4. Pop culture moments

Showcase your brand personality or your unique team culture through a trending moment. Create a meme or film a video using this week's most popular TikTok template. Giving your target audience a peek at your company’s lighthearted side can humanize your brand and make it feel more approachable. 

5. Day in the life

People are curious! So bring your target audience behind the scenes to show them what it's really like to work in your field. Have a team member record their day – in photos or videos – for TikTok or Reels. Then pair their media with trending audio

Pro tip: day-in-the-life content also works great as an Instagram Story takeover

6. Myth-busting social content

Are there some things about your industry, product, or service that audiences always seem to get wrong? Create content that clears up those misconceptions. You can also use this approach to address and dispel your target audience's most common sales objections. 

@landontaylordesigns Communications and marketing are often thought of as the same role…ESPECIALLY in the corporate setting, but knowing WHAT to say and knowing HOW to promote that message are two different things 🫢😅 #communicationsmajor #socialmediamanager #marketingagency #corporatelife #communications #marketing #socialmediamarketing #collaboration #worktogether #teamwork ♬ original sound - LANDON

7. Make recommendations

Build credibility and demonstrate your expertise by making recommendations related to your industry. You can make behavioural recommendations: "3 things to do after you get a parking ticket." 

Or you can recommend products: "5 toothbrushes we love to see our patients use."

To put this content idea into action, create an infographic for an Instagram carousel or record a TikTok or Reel with a scroll-stopping hook.

@joycethedentist Do you love flossing yet? 😊 #dentist #flossing #dentalhygienist @Cocofloss @BURST Oral Care @Moon Oral Beauty #toxic #bestflosses ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim

8. Create interactive social content

Create a helpful quiz, guide, or free resource related to your industry. Then promote it on your social accounts. Posting this type of content is a great way to show your audience that you've got a lot of value and expertise to offer. 


Your social content can be engaging – even if you work in a “boring” industry. Add these creative social post ideas to your content strategy if you’re managing social media for clients in “boring” industries, including legal firms, insurance carriers, commercial service providers, and more. And if you're looking for an easy way to create your content, check out these FREE Canva templates to get you through any situation.

(Pro tip: these social media content ideas work for not-so-boring industries too!)

Content Strategy

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