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Content Strategy
8 Instagram Story ideas that will strengthen your social strategy in 2024 (with examples)
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8 Instagram Story ideas that will strengthen your social strategy in 2024 (with examples)

Content Strategy
February 16, 2024
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Not sure what to post on your brand's Instagram story? Looking to freshen up your usual story content? 

You're in luck! In this blog post, we cover 8 simple (and effective!) Instagram Story ideas for brands.

Why should brands use Instagram Stories? 

If you want to increase engagement on Instagram, Stories are a great place to start. They help drive brand awareness and build stronger relationships with target audiences. But don’t just take our word for it! According to Meta, Stories make 57% of US users feel connected to larger communities.

Meta also reports that 4 million advertisers use Stories – across Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp – every month. And they’re seeing results! 50% of Instagram users have visited a brand’s website after viewing the brand’s story ad. 

Whether you’re posting a story as an ad or as an organic post, you want your content to be as engaging as possible. So let’s dive into some Instagram Story ideas that will strengthen your social strategy in 2024.

8 simple Instagram Story ideas for 2024

Use these Instagram Story ideas to build community and drive engagement.

1. The educational story

Meta reports that 46% of users want brands to offer tips or advice on their stories. So do just that! Share an informative blog post or article, make recommendations related to your industry, or offer up surprising facts and statistics. Posting an educational story is an effective way to build trust because it feels authentic and helpful, not pushy or promotional.

Here’s an example from National Geographic. 

Close-up of hands stitching a red NFL football with text overlay "Step inside the factory where NFL footballs are made" and a “Learn more” button.
National Geographic shares an educational article on Instagram Stories.

2. The pop quiz

Quizzes offer your audience a low-effort way to engage with your brand. If you’re not sure what kind of questions to ask, take inspiration from your brand’s FAQs to better understand what your target audience wants to learn from you. 

You can also use quizzes to debunk common misconceptions about your industry, share interesting facts about your products or services, or just have a bit of (on-brand) fun. In the below example, LEGO uses a lighthearted quiz to drum up interest in its new Jurassic Park set.  

Hand holding a small LEGO piece resembling a dinosaur tooth with a poll that asks "How many teeth should a T-rex have?" with options for 60 or 120 teeth.
LEGO posts a quiz to Instagram Stories.

3. The “sound on” story

Don’t underestimate the power of audio. 70% of Instagram Stories are viewed with sound on. So use Instagram Stories to speak directly to your audience – introduce yourself, tell them about a new product or service you’re excited about, or take your followers behind the scenes of your company.  

Alternatively, if you don’t feel like talking, you can save trending audio and use it in your story to pique viewers’ interest. 

Whatever approach you take, be sure to add captions to keep your content accessible.  

4. The new product launch

According to Meta, 50% of users want brands to use Stories to introduce new products. So, when you launch a new product or service, be sure to post about it on your story! You can boost engagement by adding stickers and interactive elements – but you don’t have to.  

Vandal Doughnuts keeps its new product launch simple by sharing a feed post on its story.

Three vegan donuts on a glass stand with the text "The vegan donuts are here!" displayed in a social media story from Vandal Doughnuts.
Vandal Doughnuts uses Instagram Stories to announce a new vegan donut product.

5. The question box

Asking questions of your audience doesn’t just drive your engagement up. It also helps you learn about your community so you can dial in your marketing efforts! Use Instagram’s interactive question sticker to encourage responses. And be sure to reply to maintain a two-way relationship with your audience.

Woman standing in gym holding kettlebells, with an interactive poll asking "What's your favourite piece of equipment to use at the gym?"
Goodlife Fitness uses an interactive question sticker on Instagram Stories.

6. The shoppable story

If you want your story to convert to sales (who doesn’t?), try using a shoppable link. Take a photo of one of your products. Then use a link sticker to drive users to your website. 

Or, if you have Instagram Shopping set up, you can use an Instagram Product Tag to help audiences shop your brand. 

Anthropologie Weddings keeps its shoppable story minimalistic to ensure the audience has just two things to focus on: the product and the CTA.

Woman posing in a pink floral dress with layered textures, with a simple beige background and a clickable “shop” link.
Anthropologie Weddings posts a shoppable link on Instagram Stories.

7. The surprise story

Opening a new location? Speaking at a conference? Planning a sale?

Soft launch your big news with a surprise story! Simply pair a brand-relevant photo with the following text: “Tap for a surprise!” Then pop in a link sticker that directs to your announcement. 

This type of story rewards your most curious and engaged community members with early access to updates and perks. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to follow up with additional stories in the days to follow.

Here’s what @hotel’s surprise story looks like.

A cityscape at dusk with a pink mountain silhouette in the background. Text overlay reads, “Tap for a surprise!” followed by a link to an “early reveal.”
@hotel teases an early reveal on Instagram Stories.

8. The story takeover

If you want to build trust, hand over the reins! A story takeover happens when another person assumes control of your account’s stories for the day. Partner with a content creator to leverage their engaged audience and foster a sense of authenticity. Or have a team member take over the company’s stories to show your audience what it’s like to be a part of your team.

Our Growth Marketing Manager Jesse recently took over our stories to bring our audience through a day in the life at HeyOrca. 

HeyOrca’s Instagram Story takeover.


Creating content for Instagram Stories doesn’t have to be complicated. Try these simple ideas to improve brand recall, boost engagement, and connect with your community.

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