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Product Updates
HeyOrca 2020 Year In Review
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HeyOrca 2020 Year In Review

Product Updates
December 29, 2020
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2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year that has impacted people, businesses, and lives globally. 

There is no overstating just how tragic the impacts of COVID-19 have been on our planet, but we need to remain optimistic and focus on the positives without ignoring the negatives 💙

Here are a couple of resources to remind you of some positive highlights from 2020: 

Before reviewing some highlights from our year at HeyOrca, we want to take a moment to acknowledge and thank our customers for their continued support.

You are the reason we exist. Thank you for trusting in, inspiring, and empowering our team. 🙏

HeyOrca COVID-19 Agency Support Series

One of the silver linings of any tragedy is how communities unite together. 🤝

We were blessed with the opportunity to collaborate with an impressive roster of agency professionals to create the COVID-19 Agency Support Webinar series. 

These webinars focused on topics that help agencies battle the impacts of COVID-19 and are still relevant today as we continue on our journey back to normalcy. 

COVID-19 Agency Support Webinar Recordings

  • Presented by Andrew Burnett (Remote Sales Specialist at Beutler Ink)

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HeyOrca Software Updates

Our mission at HeyOrca is to help marketers around the world take back their day and fight burnout. This mission was as important as ever in 2020. 

Our product and development team worked tirelessly in 2020 to collect customer feedback and develop features to help social media managers and agency professionals save even more time managing social media accounts.

You can check out the HeyOrca Feature Spotlight Webinar Recording below or keep scrolling to see what new features we released in 2020 and what features we plan to release in 2021 👇

HeyOrca Feature Spotlight Webinar Recording

HeyOrca Feature Spotlight Webinar


New HeyOrca Features Released in 2020

New Features Planned for 2021

  • More enhancements to HeyOrca Reports
  • Facebook Post Promotions
  • Instagram First Comment Publishing
  • Hashtag Libraries
  • Community Management

HeyOrca G2 Recognition

Customer feedback is the engine that drives us. In fact, our primary principle at HeyOrca is to "obsess over our customers' problems." 

We are so humbled to receive overwhelming amounts of support and feedback from our community🙏 

This year, we reached 120 reviews on G2, maintained a 4.8 out of 5 star rating, and were recognized as:

  • G2 High Performer - Winter 2020
  • G2 High Performer - Spring 2020
  • G2 High Performer - Summer 2020
  • G2 High Performer - Fall 2020
  • G2 High Performer - Winter 2021

We're honored to serve our customers and look forward to working together in 2021 to overcome the obstacles we faced in 2020.

Life In Social Workshop Series Recordings

We also had the pleasure of hosting our first ever Life In Social Workshop Series. We joined forces with six agency experts to deliver five actionable workshops for agency and social media marketing professionals. 

Check out the recordings below 👇

Design Your Ideal Agency: A new Approach to Grow in 2021 

Presented by:

Karl Sakas - Founder of Sakas and Company

Key Takeaways:

  • Find your spot on the "Agency Growth Style" continuum, to help you make better forward-looking decisions.
  • Get a simple yet powerful way to organize your agency's services, to help you connect with the right clients (and deliver the work more profitably).
  • Understand why you and your team often struggle today… and get a new way to think about agency roles.

How to Operationalize Your Social Media Process 

Presented by:

  • Joe Teo - CEO at HeyOrca
  • Datis Mohsenipour - Director of Marketing at HeyOrca
  • Casey Russell - Customer Success Manager at HeyOrca
  • Aaron Fulk - CEO at Lillian James Creative

Key Takeaways:

  • How to operationalize your social media process
  • How to become an Agile social media team
  • Productivity tips for social media marketers

The Top 5 Facebook Ad principles Social Media Managers Need to Know 

Presented by:

Krystal Hobbs - Founder of Reflective Marketing

Key Takeaways:

  • Start with Your Client's #1 Goal 
  • Your campaign type will depend on your client's goal, so make sure you are super clear on what they want to accomplish. There can only be 1 primary goal!
  • Don't Fall Down the Data Rabbithole! 
  • Know what metrics are most important to diagnose performance issues, and ignore the rest. It's easy to get lost in the data!
  • Broader is Better. 
  • Facebook's ad platform is more intelligent than ever, and most of your success will depend on giving Facebook flexible parameters to work within.

How to Create and Present Social Media Reports That Matter to Your Clients 

Presented by:

Alexandre Boudier - Head of Marketing at

Key Takeaways:

  • 8 tips on how to create a great social media report
  • What you should include in the report
  • Free Social Media Report Template to customize for your agency

How to Run an Inclusive Social Feed Tomorrow 

Presented by:

Matthew Tsang - Co-Founder at AndHumanity

Key Takeaways:

  • Why Inclusive Communications matters
  • The proper way to measure the inclusivity of your communications
  • Tips that you can implement to be more inclusive in your Social Feed tomorrow

Looking to streamline your social media and client approval process?

Schedule a 30 minute demo with the HeyOrca team to learn about all the ways HeyOrca can help you save time and build client trust.

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New Remote and Local HeyOrca Pod Members

Like 55% of reported global businesses, the COVID-19 Pandemic prompted the HeyOrca team to shift to a remote-first model. This change allowed us to grow our pod outside of St. John's, Newfoundland.

Since March, we've had the pleasure of welcoming the following new members to our team:

Dorian Neto

Software Engineer

Fortaleza, Brazil

Datis Mohsenipour

Director of Marketing

Vancouver, Canada

Julia Farrell

Customer Success Manager

St. John's, Canada

Noah Novick

Software Developer

Toronto, Canada

Becca Penney

Customer Support Specialist

St. John's, Canada

The HeyOrca team wishes you a happy New Year filled with happiness, prosperity, and good health!

Try HeyOrca free for 14 days and see how you can streamline your social media publishing and client approval process

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